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Pat Duford

My whole life I have always been overweight. Was pretty active in school. Hockey, football, lacrosse. Still overweight but active. Once school ended all those sports sort of ended with it.


I've never been one for dieting or working out, I just sort of accepted that I would be overweight the rest of my life. Last winter I found out our rec hockey league was short goalies. Went out bought equipment and with friends went to an outdoor community rink to see if I could still play. After 15 mins my knees were killing me and I could barely catch my breath.. I really wanted to get back into hockey but I didn't want to have a heart attack on the ice. I would not be playing hockey any time soon.


I had seen Arthur's video a while back and after that day on the ice I knew that the program would help me. I don't know why I didn't order it sooner.


After ordering the program I started following the nutrition guide immediately.

The DVDs took about two weeks to arrive and in that time I had dropped twenty pounds just by changing what I ate, and could not wait to get started with the workouts.


I was blown away by how great of an all around workout it was. How was I standing in a pool of my own sweat in just twenty minutes? The results had me excited and anticipating the next workout. I've been doing at least one workout a day for the last 9 months and have shed nearly 25 inches and 100 lbs.


First puck drop is next week. And after trading all my equipment in for smaller equipment. I am eagerly anticipating the first game. I am in the best shape of my life, thanks to DDP YOGA.

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