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Matthew Glenn

Throughout high school and early adult hood I was always slightly overweight. But by the time I turned 21 I got up to over 230 lbs, due to the fact that I was drinking at my local bar 4-5 nights a week! I eventually tried to lose weight and cut out my drinking, I started an extreme workout program with a couple former military guys I met at the bar. While I did lose weight and gain muscle, their program of extreme weight lifting and cardio was more like boot camp and it was not fun or enjoyable. I was so sore at times I couldn't even move my neck to check my blind spot while driving. So I stopped and attempted to stay in shape alone. 

  I joined gyms but had no idea what I was doing, and eventually I fell back into drinking and eating bad.

    In May of 2013 I was at 220 lbs when I heard ddp on Rowdy Roddy Pipers podcast talking about DDP YOGA. I researched it and saw all the transformations and ordered the program. My brother and I started in July of 2013. I cut out sodas, alcohol, and began eating right. By march of 2014 I was already down from 220 to 175. Besides the weight loss I was more flexible,noticed muscle growth, and my posture was even improved! My brother has also lost around 30 plus pounds! Since March, I have now gotten my cousin on the program. My cousin suffers from autism, and has had a severe weight problem since his teenage years. When starting in March he was around 275 lbs, since he has lost around 15-20 lbs. He is a work in progress, even though his weight is not where we want it to be, his confidence is way up, his flexibility and balance has improved and he thoroughly enjoys doing this program every week. So there's my and my family's story, it's been an awesome year plus on this program and I have recommended it to dozens of people friends and co workers. Let me know if you need any more info.


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