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Scott Toth


After losing my job a retreated into a very unhealthy lifestyle. I had always been heavy and had a couple nagging sports injuries but it never impacted me too much. Eventually though I found myself 325lbs, my diet was abysmal, I was sleeping all day and eating all night, my right leg was good for little more than walking most of the time, I was living with constant back pain, and was starting to show serious signs of heart problems. It was easily the worst I had ever felt, both physically and mentally and I really saw no way out of the cycle.


Then one day I was with a friend talking wrestling and Jake Roberts came up. The last time I had seen anything of Jake was in Beyond the Mat and I remembered how much it hurt to see one of my favorites growing up the way he was depicted in that movie. Upon hearing that my friend showed me some of the resurrection videos and I was so blown away and happy with the progress he had made. When I got home I decided to take a closer look at DDP YOGA and after watching Arthur's video I immediately put in my order.


I knew when it came in that this may very well be my last chance to make a change and I took all ego out of the equation as I began with the beginner schedule. It took a while and some serious pushing but eventually I started to phase out the modifications and grew better and better with each workout. I was so blown away with the progress I made in my leg and back and now I can proudly say there is no pain in either. The weight loss has been an added bonus and such a godsend as a watch my blood pressure consistently drop and get under control. This is the best and most confident I've felt since I can remember and I can't express how grateful I am to have that chance again. Thank you.


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