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Jouan David

After a little Health problem, I gained weight very quickly. My weight was  around 216lbs when I decided to do something.  It’s psychological because in France we use “Kg” to determine the weight and 216lbs it’s approximate 98 Kg, very close to a weight at 3 numbers, also my back hurts me.  At this moment I understand that’s necessary for me to do something.

I tried diet in a past without success and I don’t know that to do for loose weight…


05 Avril 2014, I watch one of my favorite wrestler of all time inducted in a WWE Hall of Fame… “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon and “Oh my god”, it’s a second life for Scott Hall, just like Jake “The Snake” Roberts  and at this moment a small light came on  in my head : I need to try the DDP Yoga. Maybe I can have a same result…


During August I received a DDP Yoga program (Beginner for start). After one or two week to translate the program, I’m ready to start. I record my weight the Sunday morning and I do my first workout (Diamond Dozen) the Monday 08/25/14. 


Two weeks after, yes just two week, my back make me less pain and I lost 10 lbs. Amazing feeling and sensation of new life before me. Now, I finish the first program of Workout “beginner”, I lost 42 lbs and my new weight is 174 lbs… Thank you DDP – Feel the BANG from FRANCE!!!


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