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As a dancer, I have always fought hard to keep my weight down and my body toned.

I have struggled over the years as I have moved from the dancer to the dance teacher, to maintain my ideal weight. With the birth of my first child I gained 65 pounds! I managed to lose almost all of my baby weight when I got pregnant again with my daughter. Everyone told me that the weight you gain with the second child doesn't come off as easily as the first! At 29, I figured it was time to become comfortable with buying those dreaded "mom" jeans. That's when I met Dallas...

I had just given birth to my daughter 5 days prior, and my family and I were taking my two year old son to the park. I noticed a group of people doing DDP YOGA and decided at that moment, on a leap of faith, that this program was going to take off my baby weight! As a busy mom, school teacher, cheer leading coach and dance instructor, I needed a program that I could do at my own pace and on my own time. I also needed a program that I could start immediately, 2 weeks post-pardam! After I got clearance from my doctor, there was no turning back!

The day I met Dallas in the park, I was 5'3 and 163 pounds. My abdominal muscles were shot after having two babies back to back and the body I once had as a dancer was long gone. Today I am 131 pounds and I have never felt better! My husband and friends can't believe that I've lost all the baby weight in only 6 months without spending hours at the gym! The best part is that my energy level and self confidence is up for the first time in years! I have now lost all the weight I gained with my second child. I told myself that when I started this program, my goal was to get back to 130. That was a number that I could deal with and a size that was acceptable. Now that I am 1 pound away from original goal, I know that I can keep going and get those dreaded last 10 pounds off! The DDP YOGA program has taught me that I CAN make time for myself and I deserve a healthy and happy lifestyle! I am so confident that the DDP YOGA program works that I have every single one of my friends doing DDP YOGA too!

It is possible to get you pre-mommy body back! You CAN get rid of the pregnancy pouch with out plastic surgery! I can see my own body changing everyday, and I'm not done yet! For the first time in years I am confident that I will get back into my skinny jeans! Dallas Diamond Page and the DDP YOGA program have inspired me to take charge of my life and get healthy!

Story Posted: August 17 2016

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