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I came across the DDP YOGA program when I randomly stumbled upon Arthur's video and I was beyond inspired. Being a huge wrestling fan growing up, I immediately recognized DDP. I spent the entire day researching the program, and I was sold! When I was 14 ( I'm 23 now) I weighed 250 pounds! My doctor warned me of the dangerous path I was heading down and the consequences of living the lifestyle I was. I decided that wasn't the future I wanted, and that year through diet and light exercise I lost 80 lbs! Since that point I have always struggled to keep my weight in check. Some years were better than others....then I found DDP YOGA. Since starting in August 2012 I've lost almost 30 lbs, I look the best I ever have, feel the best I ever have, and have such an amazing new outlook on life. I no longer feel like I'm dieting and I no longer dread exercising...I feel like I'm living a new life!

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