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Pat McDermott


I started my journey with DDPY 6 long years ago and I could never have imagined just how much my life was going to change…

After years of not having a solid direction, not finding a purpose and having little to no self-confidence I had finally hit what I considered rock bottom. I was 340 lbs, I had no job, I was living off of my 401k, my car had just broken down and I had just moved back in with my parents. I was failing at life…. Hard. At 28, I thought I was too far along to change the course of my life. I had been watching Dallas for years, he was actually my favorite in WCW. I had trained to wrestle years earlier and injured my back which shifted me into managing and commentary. Wrestling was always there for me so when I saw Dallas inspired people with these positive videos on YouTube, I started watching them hoping to soak up some motivation.

I was watching Dallas’ videos consistently but oddly enough, I hadn’t sold myself on DDPY yet… like I wasn’t worth the investment. One morning I was watching through his videos again and there was a new one with Chris Jericho, who had just been in a top match at that year’s WrestleMania after supposedly needing to retire… That spoke to me. I wouldn’t have listened to a nutritionist or a doctor but, yeah, I’d listen to a wrestler!

After seeing that video, I went over to the DDPY website and went back and forth taking the Max Pack in and out of the cart, knowing I was on a very limited amount of money. For the first time in a long time, I asked myself a question that I had never truly understood the value of before, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Well, I thought, I could not buy this program and save $100 or whatever it was at the time… OR… I could make an investment in myself and end up like one of these amazing success stories I was seeing, I could actually commit to something and help dig myself out of the hole I had gotten myself in to.

That night, the game changed for me, I logged on to record a wrestling podcast and had no idea Dallas would be appearing on my show. He made it very personal, asking about how I got where I was and why I was starting his program. After the interview, he told me to call him and he put an investment in me that I didn’t even know how to put in myself. I didn’t call him for an entire month because I wanted something to report to him…. So after a month, I lost 15 lbs and 15 inches of body fat and I called and left a message. I thought it was great that he even gave me his number and he is a busy guy so I understood if he never got back to me… but he did, that same night! It’s moments like these that let me know that I found a program that was different than the rest, one that was right for me!

Over the next several years I continued the program and it was a consistent part of my life. I would share it with friends, strangers, people who asked what the hell that logo was on my shirt… everywhere I went, I was spreading the word of the program and the person who helped me change my life. All the meanwhile I was paying off debt and getting my life back on track again. This program was more than just weight loss, it changed the way I thought, it changed my perception from LIMITED to LIMITLESS! It taught me that anything worth having is worth putting the work in, no matter how long it takes!

I enrolled in the certification program realizing that I really wanted to start paying this forward on a new level. I was already working in health/organic foods and teaching people how to make better eating choices, but I really wanted to share all of the benefits DDPY had given me with others. I wanted to “Pay It Forward”.

In 2017, after being invited to attend the first Transformation Summit, I decided wanted to learn from the best when it came to getting certified. So, I travelled all over the east coast to each workshop that was being taught by DDP himself. By doing this, I got to meet so many people within the DDPY community! This was also a great way to keep that fire and that motivation from fading. I remember in Worchester, MA Dallas pulled me on stage at the workshop and rattled down a list of all the accomplishments he’d seen me achieve over the years, it was a far cry from where I had been years ago, buried in my own lack of self-worth and depression.

In November, I finished my Level 1 Certification and it was a huge goal to check off of my list. Who would have thought the old me would ever even have a goal list? I was teaching at Flex Fitness in Allamuchy, NJ and Back Breakers Training Center in Scranton, PA on a weekly basis while working full-time and visiting my (now) wife in Syracuse, NY. It was a crazy busy schedule but it was incredibly rewarding to know my debt, my weight and those old problems were long behind me…

Coming back from the 2018 Summit, while heading back to Scranton to teach a class, I got in to my first car accident when I was struck by another vehicle and all of the motivation I had from the Summit was really tough to keep hold of as my car was suddenly 3+ hours away and took quite some time and money to repair. I needed to borrow vehicles and get rides to travel back and forth and it started to feel like the surface of some of those old problems were starting to creep back in… then, just when frustration was starting to set in, I got a message offering me the position of Director of the DDPY Performance Center!

WHAT?! Wait, seriously, WHAT?!

Yeah, it was real! I had a week to transport my life down to Smyrna, GA and work for DDP!

I had been doing the workout for just shy of 6 years at that point, so I was still in my fifth year! In 5 years, I had gone from a 340 lb, down on his luck, know-it-all, blaming everyone else for his problems kinda guy with no job, no direction and no future to having a family, being able to help inspire others and running and operating the DDPY Performance Center!

This wouldn’t have happened without putting the work in. Without the work and without the struggle, there wouldn’t be any growth. DDPY helped me rebuild my foundation from the ground up and it took me further than I ever thought possible! Thank you to DDP for seeing value in me when I didn’t even see it in myself!

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