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Don't give up, you really can do it too. 

I know was not on the Team DDP YOGA website for a bit but you can bet your ass I was not without my DDP YOGA and the living life at 90% philosophy. Trust me with a family of five to manage that is a lot of but I love every minute of it. The good news is I have reached my goal weight as of 8/29/11 (my 40th Birthday) and am still going strong. Thank you again to DDP, DDP YOGA and Team DDP YOGA. I will always support DDP YOGA and owe DDP a huge debt of gratitude for creating this system and putting it out there and challenging all of us. I had the pleasure of meeting and taking in a workout with him and trust me, there are none more generous and honorable than that man. He is the real deal! DDP YOGA has enriched me and my entire family in many different ways and this beat but Marine Corps body has truly never felt better and has NEVER been this flexible. I don’t even know the last time my lower back was in pain, which is a great thing. 

DDP challenged me months back when I called in to DDP radio to set a goal for my progress and suggested my 40th birthday in August. I took his challenge and never looked back although I bet he thinks I fell off the wagon since I wasn’t around welcoming new team members for a few months. Well I haven't and just to prove it I am posting these pictures taken on August 29th (My 40th Birthday) exactly 8 months after my DDP YOGA before pics just because I know if DDP enough to know if he doesn't see didn't happen. The best thing is I still look this good or even better today, almost two months later. 


This picture is one my wife snapped of me why I was hulking it out on my birthday “Stand UP” workout dreaming of the Retreat we regrettably had to miss. I will post a full slew of the true flexibility pics as well soon so everyone can see my total progress…and yes I can hold my leg straight out now! 

Most of all I just wanted to make sure Team DDP YOGA and DDP got the credit and recognition they deserve for helping me get back on track with my attitude and my life. I am truly loving life now and am a new person. Don't give up, (especially you Matty) you really can do it too. 

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