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Melanie Meilleur


I started my journey many years ago with the first DDP inspirational story of Arthur.  I wasn't ready at the time, but the determination he had stuck with me.  I saw the video a year or so later, and felt it was time to get serious about my own health. At that time, I had been working out on my own and had lost 50 lbs and was ready to "up my game". I purchased the DVDs and awaited their arrival. I practiced DDP yoga for about 6 months.  Life got in the way, and a brand new baby made time so much more precious... exercise was not a priority.
Fast forward another 2 years or so, and I was ready again.  Diet and lifestyle had brought me towards 240lbs. I knew I could feel better if I started with DDP again, so I did.  I felt strong and loved each work out, but I was missing a key element, and that was control over my food. There were times where working on my bad eating and creating healthy habits came before my workouts, but it wasn't long before I was putting ALL the puzzle pieces together.  I started eating better AND working out with DDP.  Then the magic started to happen... I got strong both in mind and body.  The weight started to come off, and I looked forward to the hour each day on my mat. My favourite routine was the Double Black Diamond. It took about a year and a half to get down to 155lbs. My goal is to reach 140lbs.
I come from a family of morbidly obese people. I've witnessed family members suffer from obesity my entire life, many of them passing away too soon.  I care for my aging mother now, and see first hand what this horrid and debilitating disease can do physically and mentally. I will fight. I will fight for my mother, for me, and most importantly my kids.  They don't deserve to lose their mom. And breaking the cycle from generation to generation is very important to me. I love that my kids ask "what's the healthiest choice?" when we are out for dinner. I love that they are excited to tell me about their own "workouts".
Besides challenging myself with DDP, I have been able to increase my physical activities in other areas of my life as well.  I have more energy, and now enjoy taking all sorts of fitness classes - zumba, restorative yoga, and weight lifting.  I now consider myself an "athlete" - something I never ever would have labeled myself as before DDP! 
Along the journey, I kept a journal and started expressing my emotions rather than eating them.  I don't know how much progress I would have made without changing my food habits, doing DDP and writing my journal. My life is forever changed.  I will NOT go back.
I'm a mom of seven, and work from home - my life is never quiet, but DDP is my priority no matter what! It's Diamond Dallas Pages' (raspy) voice that guides me daily. I am eternally grateful for Mr. Page, his program, and my new-found body (and mind).

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