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Angel Camacho

In April 2016 I was shocked to find my weigh was 295. I had accumulated throughout the years of martial arts and military training multiple injuries that made it hard to run or train as I was used to.

In June 2016, my wife decided to start a diet and take me along. I knew I needed a change, and had to do something that I  would like, in order to stay in the program. 
That month I decided to try DDP Yoga. On multiple "shoot" interviews with different wrestlers, they talk about it and in a closer look it seemed it was just what I needed. 
The first couple of days were difficult, yet two things were stuck on my mind:
"Make ddpy your own" and
"Don't forget to do this tomorrow".
I adjusted my diet, started waking up earlier and started walking around the block before my ddpy workout.

My goal was to be back at my ideal weight of 245 pounds. I am 228 pounds now. From size 40 waist to 36.


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