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Richard March


My story with ddp yoga starts long before I found out about ddp yoga. I've suffered from schizophrenia since I was 19 but also suffered from addictions to drugs and alcohol all the time. 7 years ago my beautiful daughter was born. She was the most beautiful person I'd ever see. I fell in love at first sight. I decided to get clean and get well again. I quit drugs and alcohol over night but still struggled with my mental health. I put on a lot of weight from eating instead of taking drugs and alcohol but the shock to my system of getting clean, being tired from looking after my daughter and working nights in a pub. I finally had to give up work and focus on getting well from my schizophrenia again. Which coursed alot of stress on my marriage finally two years ago I got divorce from my ex wife. She left me for someone else. I know was very depressed and had a lot of anxiety and struggled to keep up with my daughter cause of putting on loads of weight. The first year of my divorce I started meditating regular and got more into my Buddhist practice. This time was very hard but my mental health improved very slowly. I asked my doctor how I was going to get well and get back to work. He first told me to give up on going back to work and focus on getting well. He advised me to get fit for the reason if you have a healthy Body. Your mind with be healthy too. I was too scared of going to the gym cause of my schizophrenia I get very paranoid in gyms and get a lot of anxiety around people. So I refused to go to the gym. Then the monks at my local Buddhist monastery advised me to do yoga. So I went to a class locally. I really didn't like it. The didn't show you any modifications so everyone was very slim that could bend themselves into pretzel. I got so paranoid in the class full of girls. Then a friend heard I gave up yoga then he tagging me in the Arthur Boorman video. I thought it was amazing. So looked up ddp yoga and brought the dvds. I like the idea of doing it at home away from eyes. Once the dvds arrived I started to do the workouts every day. I really started to enjoy it. I enjoyed getting out of my head for a while and into my body focusing on my body and the movements. It was so peaceful but also hard work. The first thing I notice when doing ddp yoga was how my body loosened up. Then I notice how flexible my body would get. I could now do things I could never do before. I had a bad back for years from working in old victorian pubs with the low ceiling in the cellar while lifting heavy beer bowls. My back would regular get sore but since I've been doing ddp yoga my back pain disappeared. I soon started loosing weight. Then after a few months I started the gluten and dairy free diet weight started to fall off me. I soon started to notice how fit I got. I could play football with my daughter for hours without getting tired. I could run for a bus with the bus driver thinking I was having a heart attack. And with the weight lose I came more confident and started doing to the gym as well. I carried on doing ddp yoga as well as training in the gym. I felt so well. I've gone from taking 25 tablets a day for my schizophrenia but not I'm only on 3 tablets. I've been the most well I've ever been. I'm finally well enough to go back to work. I've been doing a lot of volunteers work at the local homeless shelter and at the local mental health charity but now I'm training to be a ddp yoga instructor that's right I'm doing the certification course to hopefully help other people in the future.

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