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Something had to change, I was suffering from the type of crippling depression and anxiety that made me afraid to cross the street, I'd have bouts of crying while folding laundry. I eventually found out my condition was by and large brought on by family history but the way I was living wasn't helping, I drank heavily to cope with the pain, only making it worse, but there was still that part of me that wanted to live for my wife, so I reevaluated things and saw a doctor. Through a continuing treatment plan of medication, exercise, and lifestyle, I was blessed enough to join the living

But there was the promise. The promise I made to make a positive change in the lives of others once I recovered, I wanted to be someone that someone struggling could come to for support, I just didn't know how.
Around this time, my own needs were pushing me towards a more low impact, yet effective, workout program that would work from the inside out. 
As luck would have it I was watching HBO Real Sports one day in 2013, a segment came on that caught my eye and changed my life. It featured DDP, Jake Roberts and Scott Hall, 3 icons of my years as a wrestling fan. Along came DDP Yoga, I purchased in September 2013, and was hooked, but the promise went unfulfilled of helping others until I realized there was a Certification program to teach it!!! I didn't mind the hard work, in fact I embraced it, and what really sold me was the fact that I could modify it!! I know I needed to modify due to physical limitations, and was thrilled to see the emphasis DDPY places on modifications "Making it your own"
I worked harder than ever and on October 15, 2015 I achieved my dream of becoming a certified instructor, I teach 2 classes a week, I see smiles and progress on the faces of my students, I am fulfilling my promise to make a difference by doing something I love. Not everyone gets that chance!! My old me is gone, no longer do I need phony forms of happiness, I found my calling and consider myself more than lucky and thankful to DDPY for giving me my smile back, and paying it forward!!
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