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have been doing DDPYoga since December 2015 ( very serious since April 16, 2016)

I heard about DDPYoga from my daughter Ashuntyonna Chandler, invited by Dylan Frymer (1st) Brenda Page (2nd).....
I made up in my mind to own my life because I wanted to be healthier to enjoy life with my children. My next thing is I wanted to stop taking 4 blood pressure pills ( to young for that) now that I have been doing the program I am down to two pills ( low dosage BP pill & a water pill. If my blood pressure is regulated at my next doctor visited I WILL NOT be taking those two anymore!) Last but not least I am an actress but, was very dissatisfied with how I look on T.V. and photos so, just started doing more things behind the scenes to hide from the camera. Acting is was I love and have the passion for. I had to change what I was dissatisfied with in order to do what I love... DDPYoga has help me build the confidence to prepare to get back in the auditioning room. It also gave me a bonus that I wasn't aware of when I started. It gave me strength in my right shoulder. I had a car accident and couldn't raise my arm over my head or reach to scratch the back of my neck. I no longer have that issue so GRATEFUL! My goal was to lose 35 pounds by my 35th birthday ( which is Dec 24, 2016) I started faithfully April 16, 2016.  I pass that goal by losing 42 pounds by my birthday. In April of 2016 after having a great conversation with DDP about food I changed my eating lifestyle the very next day. My down falls ( in my old eating habits) were sweets but, I trained my brain that the fat last longer than the taste. I let sweets go.  After I started the phase 3 eating plan in a month I lost 8 pounds and had so much energy. I soon noticed that my old BAD food habits made me tired and sluggish. I'm very happy with the over all feeling I have now more energy, the inches and weight loss. I begin taking a blank printed calendar writing in the month one for food, water and workouts. I will fill in everyday my food, water in take and what workouts I've done. The best thing about it is my family ( my husband and kids) eat healthier now as well and I have others that I give advise to and some watch my journey on facebook. I love to help others as much as I can. Thank you Dallas Page for creating the program and having a wonder stuff to help you. Every time I visit the performance center your stuff always have a smiling face and are very kind!
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