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Arinitra Chandler

Name: Arinitra Chandler

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Starting Weight: 227 lbs

Age: 35

Started DDPY: April 2016

Done DDPY For: 21 Months  

Weight Lost: 48 lbs

Goal: 160 lbs 

My name is Arinitra Chandler. I am originally from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, but now reside in Atlanta, Georgia. I began my journey with DDP Yoga in December 2015, but it wasn’t until April 2016, that I began taking the program seriously. 
I heard about DDP Yoga from my daughter, Ashuntyonna, a big fan of WWE Hall of Famer, Diamond Dallas Page. My daughter and I watched the documentaries of two former professional wrestlers, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall, and the inspirational videos of Arthur Boorman and Christina Russell. Shortly thereafter, I was invited to the DDP Yoga Performance Center by one of the DDP Yoga instructors, Dylan Frymyer, and Dallas’ wife, Brenda Page. I made my mind up to own my life because I not only wanted to be healthier, but I wanted to enjoy my life with my children. 
At the time I began this program, I was taking four blood pressure pills a day. Since then, I am down to just two pills. I am also an actress, and I was very dissatisfied with how I looked on TV and in photos. I began doing more things behind the scenes to “hide” from the camera. Acting is what I love and is my passion. I knew that I had to make some changes in order to do what I love. DDP Yoga has helped me rebuild my confidence to get back into the auditioning room. The program has also helped me build strength in my right shoulder after an injury from a car accident. Before doing DDP Yoga, I couldn't raise my arm over my head. I no longer have that issue. 
In April of 2016, I had a great conversation with “Diamond” Dallas Page about the foods we eat. I changed my eating habits the very next day. One of my goals was to lose thirty-five pounds by December 24, 2016, my 35th birthday. I surpassed that goal and lost a total of forty-two pounds. Then, my downfall was sweets. Now, I’ve retrained my brain when it comes to eating. I know that carrying excess fat lasts longer than the taste of sweets.
In less than a month after starting the Phase 3 Eating Plan, I lost another eight pounds. My old eating habits made me feel tired and sluggish. I'm very happy with the way I feel now. I have much more energy, and the inches and weight are gone! My family also eats healthier now. My friends and family have noticed the wonders that DDP Yoga has made in my life and want to do it as well. I’ve talked with complete strangers about it. I am now a Level 1 DDP Yoga instructor, and I love helping others reach their goals!
Thank you, Dallas Page, for creating this wonderful program.

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