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Lee Gann

Hi, I'm Lee Gann. I started DDP YOGA in December of 2011. I have always been active by playing sports and working out. I had always been around 160 lbs. Well in 2011 I got on the scale and it said 182 lbs and I knew I had to lose weight. I had been eating lots of junk food all the time.


The junk food had caught up to me. I didn't like the way I felt. I was on the Internet and looked up DDP and then I found about DDP YOGA. I watched Arthur's video and was blown away. DDP was doing a special that said if you order that he will call you. I ordered it and DDP called me and he told me about the program and helped get me motivated. My goal was to lose 20 lbs. I lost the 20lbs in two months and I weigh 162lbs today. I had shoulder problems that stopped me from being able to play sports as much. After doing DDP YOGA I was pain free. I wanted to do the black crow and a headstand. So I finally got where I could do both. It took about a year on & off to get the headstand but I never gave up and finally got it. DDP YOGA helps me so much. Thanks, Lee

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