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 My name is A.G. Fad and Im just a regular guy with an office job.  Growing up I had always tried to stay athletic whether it be amateur wrestling, biking, hiking, or jogging.  Once I finished high school and began college I got heavy into weight lifting too.  My dream was to someday become a pro wrestler and I wanted to take my smaller frame of 160 lbs up to around the 200+ lbs mark.  After about a year I made it to 210 lbs and began to train in a small wrestling school in rural Mid-Western PA.

Sadly it wasn't meant to be as a lower back injury occurred early into the training, which combined with a severe case of bronchitis pretty much took me "down for the count".  During my recovery time I became very disinterested in anything athletic and stopped working out altogether.  I became somewhat disheartened by my predicament and decided to give up on my dream and instead focus on finishing my education.  The physical and mental "funk" left me depressed and disappointed in myself but I was able to at least say I gave my dream a shot, which is more than most people can say. 

After finally finishing my college career and getting my first apartment with my girlfriend (whom I eventually married) I realized I had to get my head on straight about my health and physical issues.  I had ballooned up to 240 lbs. and was finding aches and pains a young man shouldn't have.  I also noticed that I would become short of breath with the slightest physical exertion and had almost no energy.  During this time I also began work at my first full time job which involves data management, quality control, and video editing.  All of these responsibilities mean sitting in a chair for 8+ hours a day (and add another hour+ for my daily 30 mile to & from commute).  I knew I needed to do something physical as I was getting very unhealthy.  I even had high cholesterol levels found after a yearly physical. I decided to start changing parts of my diet as well as begin going to the gym again.  In this case I decided I was done with weights and just wanted to do cardio, so I only stuck with the elliptical machine.  I kept this up for two years and I ended up dropping 20 lbs.  At the end of the two years I felt I was no longer really making the kind of progress I had at first and frankly thought the gym was just becoming "stale" and "boring".  It was basically just a chore to go everyday and I was beginning to lose interest altogether.  I also felt those dark feelings of anxiety and depression sneaking back into my life.  Physically I was doing much better but emotionally I was becoming exhausted.

During all those years of fluctuating weights and attitude I saw DDP Yoga info gradually popping up in the wrestling news sites I frequent.  There was dates for his "YRG Yoga" exhibitions and also mini pieces on success stories like Arthur Borman.  They stuck with me because I never pictured DDP as a big yoga dude.  Late last year I started keeping an eye on Jake the Snake Robert's progress as well as Scott Hall's and something struck a chord with me.  It wasnt just the physical transformation I was seeing from these guys, but it was the attitude that changed too.  That really spoke to me at a level I didnt think possible.  I started checking out other team members' success stories and the one constant I saw in addition to the physical improvement was the AWESOME attitudes of everyone who was participating.  One thing I ALWAYS saw was people smiling ear to ear in their "after" photos.  There were positive comments on all the yoga clips uploaded around the web.  As I took all of this in I thought to myself that while I may not be in as bad a physical shape as some of the DDP yoga practitioners, I was definitely in a mental shape that ranked with the worse of them and could use serious fixing up.  Physically I still wanted to become more flexible like I had been ten years ago and I also wanted to be able to breath easier.  The anxiety attacks I was struggling with were making me feel like I had some huge wrestler standing on my chest giving me the three count. 

After all of this discovery I felt that I needed to be a part of it.  I finally gave it a shot on March 11th, 2014.  In that time Ive done over 60 days of DDP Yoga, averaging 4-5 days a week.  The other two days I still keep at the elliptical machine in the gym.  I honestly feel better now than I have in my whole life.  I have found amazing flexibility, my stamina is at a peak, and most important of all I too am smiling ear to ear in my "after" photos.  My head is on right once again.  I can't wait to see where the DDP Yoga adventure will take me next, but I know that I have a fantastic community backing me up and a great coach in DDP encouraging me along the way.

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