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I was a heart attack waiting to happen.

My name is Dylan and I am 16 years old. Many months ago I was known as "Pudin". Guess the name really went with my appearance at that time. I never really showed it but it hurt inside to think that is what people thought of me. I believed that I was over weight and that is just how it was going to be. I was always active in sports. I played football, wrestled and lifted weight but always remained heavy. I figured that it was meant to be that way. Late in my Sophomore year of high school I stepped on the scales and realized that I weighed 292 lbs. I was a heart attack waiting to happen.

I knew that I could not continue the way that I was. I am a strong believer in "everything happens for a reason". In late May, I was getting ready to attend Wrestling Reunion 5 in New Jersey. DDP was one of the guys that I was going to get to meet there. I went to his site and saw the DDP YOGA website. The first guy that read about was Smokey and I was amazed. Then I saw Arthur and thought "WOW!" While watching their videos and reading their articles, I just felt that I could really do this myself. I talked to my mom about it and she was really proud of me. My mom has always been my biggest supporter in anything that I want to do. She would support me but I really had to do the work. When we ordered the program and received a thank you email from Dallas, my mom decided to write back. It is funny at the time because I was a little embarrassed by it and thought it was a waste of time. I thought this guy was too famous to care about a kid like me and way too busy. Boy was I wrong! He did write back and after several emails to my mother, he actually called me! I really wanted and needed to prove to Dallas that I was going to be dedicated to this program. He was giving me a special chance!


I did get to meet Dallas at the Wrestling Reunion in June. I got a chance to do the DDP YOGA workout with him and Arthur and show my heart and dedication. One of the first things that I had to do was set some goals for myself. I was ready to make this change so I set up those goals. To get myself mentally prepared to take on the challange....I listened to Dallas's CD "Own Your Life" at least 1 time everyday for 2 weeks. I made it really sink into my head. I wanted that enthusiasm that Dallas has. I wanted to do this with the same mind set as Cody Rhoads...."Failure is NOT an option!" Arthur sure lives by that statement!!! (I just had a chance to celebrate Arthur's 6 month 100 lb loss with him. Way to go Arthur!!!!)

My first goal was to lose alot of weight over the summer. I went beyond that goal and started back to school at 236 lbs!! Down 56 lbs in 3 months!!!


This is a big deal! See 3 months after Christmas, I was giving all my new clothes back to my dad because I could no longer fit into them. That was hard for me. But I have gotten the chance to get those items back. For the first time in about a year, my Dad could actually hug me and get his arms around me. It was good to hear that my dad was proud of me. 

I wanted to return to school being able to shock everyone. I think that I succeeded at that. My home room teacher did not even recognize me! All my teachers have had nothing but positive compliments for me. I figured that the teachers would be easier on me then my peers. But I got alot of compliments from my peers too! "What happened to puddin?" "Now we can't call you puddin..." This made me feel good. Good-bye Pudin!!! I always had alot of friends and was pretty "happy go lucky" but I can not say that I ever had this type of respect. It is a different acceptance from them. It makes me feel that I can make a difference, change people's perspective and maybe help someone change their life too.

I have been told by a few friends and a few of my teachers that I am now their inspiration. So I am setting a few more goals for myself.

I really want to thank everyone for their support. The DDP YOGA team has been great. I want to thank my friends for not allowing me to give into temptations! I hope that I relieved my fathers stress since he was worried about me health. My entire family has been awesome for me especially my mom. She is the greatest and I couldn't have done this without her! DDP YOGA Arthur - you are my inspiration always! Every day you NEVER quit!! have given me new hope, a new look on life and you have taught me how to own it!!

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