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Jennifer Fenmore

Name: Jennifer Fenmore

Hometown: Spring Lake, North Carolina

Starting Weight: 270 lbs

Age: 34

Health Conditions:
Lack of knee cartilage (pain index 10), shoulder injury (pain index 10)

Started DDPY:
July 2012

Done DDPY For: 21 months

Weight Lost:
125 lbs

Reduced pain from injuries to a 0-2, gained 11 lbs of muscle

My name is Jennifer Fenmore and I am a mother of two kids. One of my kids has autism and the other one has ADHD. I also have a wonderful husband, George, that has supported me throughout my life. I was in the Army reserves for a little over six years. While I was in the military they messed up both my knees and my right shoulder. I no longer have cartilage in my knees and my shoulder comes out of socket easily. Right after my son turned three he was given the diagnosis of autism, I started to have problems losing weight because I was going into a depression. It did not help that I had my second child at the same point.  

I became overwhelmed with everything that I had to do. I had to take my son to speech and care for my infant little girl at the same time. While I was going through my depression, my husband was in a deeper depression and left everything on me. I turned to food to try and deal with my depression. I started to become a pre-diabetic because I was 150 lbs. overweight. No matter what I did I could not lose the weight. During this time I was diagnosed with arthritis in both my knees.  I tried physical therapy to make my knees stronger but that was a temporary fix. I needed a permanent fix to my problem. I tried to use a Total Gym but I only lost 10 to 20 lbs and there was still no change in my pain. Almost two years ago my husband stumbled on Arthur's video. I was like damn maybe, just maybe this could work for me. I saw that he could do this. I wanted to see if it would work for me. My husband weighed less than me at this point. I was in an 18W pants. 


I started to use the DDP  YOGA program. I noticed that my knees did not hurt as much. I started to gain the flexibility that I use to have before the military messed up my knees. I gained strength and saw that my pants were becoming loose.  I went to get pants and I was a size 16 pants.

I started a new job about one year ago that forced me to move. I became a housekeeper at a hotel near where I live. While working and doing DDP YOGA I saw a dramatic change in what I could do before and after, and I dropped from size 16 to a size 4.

I started this workout at 270 lbs I am currently 145 lbs because DDP changed my life forever. If it was not for DDP and DDP YOGA I would be sitting on my fat behind doing nothing expecting to get somewhere. DDP showed me that it was possible to own up to my issues and face them head-on. I got out of the depression because I was shown that it was possible to do anything as long as you put your mind to it. I thank DDP for giving me back my life. 


Update February 2018

I have gained about 11 lbs of muscle. I have lost inches all the way around. I am able to play and keep up with my kids, something I thought I would never be able to do. I am also able to do a very physically demanding job and enjoy life.


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