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My name is Jennifer Fenmore and I am a mother of two kids.  One of my kids has autism and the other one has ADHD.  I also have a wonderful husband, George, that has supported me through out my life.  I was in the Army reserves for a little over six years.  While I was in the military they messed up both my knees and my right shoulder.  I no longer have cartilage in my knees and my shoulder comes out of socket easily.  Right after my son turned three he was given the diagnosis of autism,  I started to have problems losing weight because I was going into a depression.  It did not help that I had my second child at the same point.  

I became overwhelmed with every thing that I had to do.  I had to take my son to speech and care for my infant little girl at the same time.  While I was going through my depression, my husband was in a deeper depression and left every thing on me.  I turned to food to try and deal with my depression.  I started to become a pre-diabetic because I was 150 lbs. over weight.  No matter what I did I could not lose the weight.  During this time I was diagnosed with arthritis in both my knees.  I tried pt to make my knees stronger but that was a temp fix.  I needed a permanent fix to my problem.  I tried to use a total gym but I only lost like ten to twenty lbs. and still no change in my pain.  Almost two years ago my husband stumbled on Arthur's video.  I was like damn maybe, just maybe this could work for me.  I saw that he could do this.  I wanted to see if it would work for me.  My husband weighed less than me at this point.  I was in a 18W pants. 

I started to use the DDP YOGA program.  I noticed that my knees  did not hurt as much.  I started to gain the flexibility that I use to have before the military messed up my knees.  I gained strength and saw that my pants were becoming lose.  I went to get pants and I was a size 16 pants.  I started a new job about one year ago that forced me to move.  I became a housekeeper at a hotel near where I live.  While working and doing DDP YOGA I saw a dramatic change in what I could do before and after, and I dropped from the size 16 to a 4.  I started this workout at 270 lbs.  I am currently 145 lbs. because DDP changed my life forever.  If it was not for DDP and DDP YOGA I would be sitting on my fat behind doing nothing expecting to get some where.  DDP showed me that it was possible to own up to my issues and face them head on.  I got out of the depression because I was shown that it was possible to do anything as long as you put your mind to it.  I thank DDP for giving me back my life. 

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