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Growing up I was never the skinny girl. 

It was never something I aspired to be. I was always athletic and played multiple sports. After high school, I played college softball. To this day I still play softball in the summers. After college, I put on a few pounds here and there. Over the years I would do the yo-yo dieting. Lose 20 pounds then put it right back on. Having repeated this process way too many times I pretty much became convinced that I had no choice in how much I weighed. 

I married the most amazing man I have and will ever meet, Rob Page. He is the most intelligent, caring, loyal and honest person I know. He had 3 sons (Tyler, Christian, and Elijah). They had lost their mother 3 and 1/2 years earlier in a tragic house fire and I was not looking to replace her. Since then we have all became as close as any family can be. They are my sons and I love them just as if I had given birth to them. They were never asked or told to call me mom, but they do now and it means the world to me.
We added a beautiful little girl, Wrigley, in to our crew. I gained a considerable amount of weight during the pregnancy and never lost it. As the years went by my eating habits became worse and worse. I was not paying attention to the scale anymore.This summer I weighed myself and was shocked to see the scale read 210 pounds. I knew then that I had to make changes. I have a family history of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Carrying the extra weight would just increase the chance of those things affecting me.
My husband, Rob,convinced me that diets don't work and I needed to make lifestyle changes with the foods I ate. I also knew I needed to exercise. This was not as simple. I work 9-10 hour days and have 4 kids. Free time is not something I have much of. Going to a gym to work out wasn't going to happen because I just do not have the time. We own a treadmill, but running on a treadmill has to be one of the most boring activities any human can do. There is no way I would be able to not get bored with that. I needed something to do at home that really worked.
My oldest boys Tyler(15) & Christian(13) started doing the DDP YOGA workouts in Feb. and had been trying to convince me to join them for quite some time. They have done amazing things to their bodies by eating the right way and doing the DDP YOGA 60 minute Fat Burner Plus workout. I started doing the 20 minute DDP YOGA workout 4 times a week along with eating clean. I decided not to look at a scale for the first 30 days. I knew after a couple of weeks the workouts were working because my clothes were getting looser. I weighed in after 30 days at 190 pounds. I had lost 20 pounds in 30 days!! Right then I knew I had found the workout for me.
DDP YOGA is something that you can do at home. It gives you so much freedom. There are no excuses.  You can adapt this workout to whatever fitness level you are at. Time is no longer an acceptable excuse. You can find 20 minutes to get a workout in. Once you get in a routine of doing it, you will not look back with regret. I weighed in at 180 pounds for my 60 days. I could not be happier. I have lost 30 pounds in 60 days.This is just the beginning for me.

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