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Ryan Berridge

My whole life I was overweight and as I got into my adult years it really got out of control. At one point I reached 260lbs and that's when I realized I needed to change. I went to the gym, got a personal trainer who was awesome and taught me lots of stuff and I ended up losing 60lbs. When my time with the trainer ran out and I lost interest putting some of the weight back on. I had lost my motivation.

3 years went by and weighing in at 230lbs I met the women of my dreams. Over the next few years she got me to start eating right and I was able to get down to 190lbs for our wedding in June 2015. Then I got comfortable and lost motivation again and went back up to 218lbs by January 2015.

That's when we watched The Resurrection of Jake The Snake. We saw what it could do for him and got us looking into it. I started eating the healthiest I had ever eaten in my life, eventually going vegan; something I thought I would never do. I started doing DDPYOGA and the weight just started to melt away. Over the first 9 weeks I was losing 3lbs a week along side my wife who is owning it as well.

I hit a plateau which frustrated me, but I kept positive and motivated. Kicked it up a notch and now am happy to say I can see 166.4 lbs on the scale, a weight I don't think I've been since I was 16. At the age of 29, I'm in the best shape of my life and eating the healthiest I have ever eaten. I couldn't be happier losing 52 lbs in 7 months.  I never thought growing up a wrestling fan and watching DDP on WCW Nitro that one day he would be teaching me yoga, then calling me and congratulating me on what I've accomplished. All the support from everybody at DDPYOGA and other people that are on the team, as well as the support from my loving wife have helped me become who I always wanted to be. This is something that works and I recommend it to everyone I know. One day I would love to get certified and teach it myself. Until then I will just keep up the workouts and keep making results.

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