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Three years ago, I was bitter, angry, hurting, and hopeless. The only thing I had done better in life than dieting was gaining weight. And I had given up on dieting, so I was becoming a Jedi Master in the weight gaining department very, very quickly.
I was trying to eat away my pain, which only caused more pain. I hated myself, pretty much every fiber of my being. I was really, really depressed. Had it not been for the constant and consistent love of my amazing wife and incredible daughter to serve as lighthouses while I was drifting and being overwhelmed in the sea of personal darkness and depression, I would have probably lost hope and completely given up on life. I HAD to get healthy for them. I HAD to find a way to make my personal peace with God and call a ceasefire on my destructive war with my body and soul. 
I prayed for help and hope...and boy, did it show up in the most unexpected way...
Who would have ever thought that the former professional wrestler would help the former preacher find his way to health, hope, and healing? By the way, most other stories have those roles reversed, but that's okay with me--because of the influence of Diamond Dallas Page, I now fully embrace being an anomaly!
I felt in my heart of hearts that DDP YOGA was my last chance at a second chance. I wouldn't be getting anymore do-overs. This was truly my last shot.
Fortunately, DDP YOGA would become the last "second chance" I would ever need. 
This incredible program and Diamond Dallas Page gave me the tools I needed to regain my health and rebuild my self-worth. Day after day, I pushed myself to get better and stronger. My daily pursuit of DDP YOGA not only gave me a body I was more proud of, but it helped me navigate the most difficult road I have walked in my 45 years on earth: the path toward truly loving myself.
While I'll be forever grateful for the weight loss I have experienced through DDP YOGA, the thing that brings tears to my eyes almost every day is this: the guy I see in the morning mirror that I used to hate with a deep-seeded passion is finally becoming someone that I deeply love and truly believe in.
DDP YOGA not only saved my life, it helped me discover that my life was truly worth being lived fully again.
I lost over 125 pounds in 14 months and have kept most of that weight off for almost 2 years so far.  In October of 2014 I also become a Certified Level One DDP YOGA Instructor!
I'm still not where I want to be, but thank the Lord I'm no longer where I used to be.
Thank you Dallas--my life is forever changed because of you, and I will always be grateful for you!

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