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I Finally Learned No Pain, No Gain Wasn't True

I maintained a decent weight. If I did not stay active I would start gaining weight.  As I grew into adulthood, I added weightlifting and continued playing sports.  Then the injuries came.

I would “push/play through the pain”. Hey we’ve all heard “no pain no gain” so why not just push through it. Playing through all the pain has caused me to have many major surgeries with some being on the same body part;  currently a total of 16 (both shoulders, both knees, ankle, and back - to name just a few). Along with those surgeries came the gaining of weight, aches, and pains all over my body.  

If you asked me if I had a choice of winning the lottery or being pain free I would choose pain free in a second. Throughout numerous attempts at losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, years of eating unhealthy things cooked in lard and fast foods told me otherwise. Even with all my surgeries, injuries and eating habits, I had settled as “the guy who carried his weight well”. Thanks to DDP YOGA I have proved that I am no longer "that guy" and anything truly is possible. 

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