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I was having a hard time after I had my twins...

I gained a lot of weight during my first pregnancy in 2010. It took a while, but I lost the weight. Then in 2012, I was diagnosed with osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) affecting my right ankle. That required months of immobilization and subsequent surgery and physical therapy. During that time I gained weight and then weight and then lost some yet again. Later that year I became pregnant with twins and dealt with severe, disabling sciatica, which required more physical therapy. After the twins were born, I was recovering from a c-section and caring for everyone, while neglecting myself. At this point in my life I felt emotionally drained.

I was dealing with one aliment after another, with my weight constantly fluctuating. All the while dealing with PPD/PPA and the constant switching of medications. Being stressed all time was taking over and I felt out of control. Late 2013, my neighbor and good friend brought me to a DDP Yoga class, which was being taught by his friend. After my first class, I was hooked. I knew THIS was for me. This was something I could stick with because it was so much fun. It was no impact, cardio and muscle building. For me, it wasn't just a workout, but socialization and making friends. It was perfect.   About 10 years ago, I had surgery on my left elbow to repair a fracture which required three screws. The doctor told me at the time it was possible that in the future the screws could back out. That is happening now with one screw and currently causing pain in my elbow. However, I am still able to workout with DDP Yoga. I've recently learned about modifying certain moves in DDP yoga and it helps tremendously. Even though I am dealing with this now, I am still able to workout, I am still losing weight and gaining flexibility.

Today I am not yet at my ideal goal weight, but 47 pounds lighter. Thanks to DDP Yoga and Diamond Dallas Page. Forever grateful!



Since I've told my story I have continued to lose weight.  I've also continued to improve my diet and increased the number of days per week that I exercise.  I have now lost over 50 pounds!  I have lost more inches than I can count.  To know that I was able to do this, that I accomplished this, is very cool.  I feel proud and my self esteem is much improved.  I just feel like an overall better, more positive person.  The DDP Yoga community is AMAZING.  The support that they can offer is beyond words. I've made some great friends that I know I can count on to be there when I'm in need.  If you haven't started DDP Yoga, do it now!  ~Gen


Update 2:

After reaching my first goal of 150 pounds, I was ecstatic. I found out quickly that as I continued to exercise and eat right, I wasn't losing any more weight. That's when I made the decision that in order to get my weight down, I needed to do more. I made the goal to get myself down to 140 pounds.

In order to achieve that goal, I made a plan and wrote it down. I made a "workout schedule." I added an extra day of DDP Yoga, now 4 days a week. I decided to wake up earlier (before my husband and kids) so I could do cardio. I will run on the elliptical for 60-90 minutes. I try to do that at least 5 days a week. Also, I will do a 30 minute workout with an exercise ball and dumbbells 3 days a week. That really made a difference and I was able to drop the extra weight. I am now at 139 pounds! While I am happy at that weight, I still have a goal to continue to tone up. I will set small goals from this point on, like 5 pounds at a time.

Losing these 58 pounds has not only reduced my anxiety and depression, but made me a happier, healthier individual.



As of today I stand at a total weight loss of 65 pounds, but I would like to continue to tone, tighten, and gain muscle.  I have lose skin from the combination of the twin pregnancy stretching my stomach and the weight loss in general.  While I will continue with DDP Yoga, I am still waking up early to get in a workout, which I now love and look forward to each morning.  It's my "me' time.  I plan to scale back on my runs to focus more on DDP Yoga workouts.  

I've just returned from my FOURTH DDP Yoga workshop, at Funk Fitness in Brighton, MI, it was so amazing. Also, just a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the Las Vegas workshop and also to see Dallas receive TWO awards from the Cauliflower Alley Club, the 2015 CAC Men’s Wrestling Award and the 2015 Jason Sanderson Humanitarian Award.  I had such a great time meeting a lot of new friends that I have interacted with online, but never had never met before so it was nice to meet them in person.  Prior to those events I had attended the last two workshops at Hammer's Energy Fitness in LaSalle, IL, which just so happened to be the the town in which I live, which was Perfect!  I feel very lucky to have had the chance to attend these amazing workshops and talk with Dallas.  

One thing that continues to keep me motivated is when I have friends or strangers come to me and ask about DDP Yoga and how it can help them.  They've seen what I've been able to accomplish with the program and now they want me to help them to accomplish their goals as well.  It's really an incredible feeling that makes me feel proud that my hard work is inspiring others to get healthy and at the same time It's very humbling and encourages me to help others. 

As my DDP Yoga journey continues to evolve, I've recently started to plan on getting certified to teach DDP Yoga.

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