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Michael Donaldson

From a young age I was never really into sports, I was not really fat as a teen but was always embarrassed to have my top off. I always used to think that athletes and sports people were born and able to be thin. I left school when I was 17 and started work, would ride my bicycle to work and managed to stay fairly fit from that. When I turned 19 I got my license and started driving and that is when the weight started to add on. I remember when I was at work in the warehouse and there were scales to weigh items to ship out. So I stepped on and the scales read 100kg, although I didn’t say anything at the time that was a number I didn’t want to see.


From that point I didn’t worry what I ate  and didn’t want to step on the scales again. Soon I left that job and started as a courier and I would wake up and go to sleep eating only takeaway foods. I knew it wasn’t good for me but I thought it was too much trouble to change. I was having headaches every day and pain medicines didn’t help. After one year at that job I left and started working at a local pizza shop as a driver and later making pizzas. While I worked here I would eat pizzas almost every night and continued to gain more weight. In 2001 I was introduced to my future wife and shortly after we were engaged. In 2007 I was at my father in laws house and went to get out of a car and my knee twisted and popped. The doctors never could find anything wrong so I was told that nothing could be done.


I had accepted the fact that I would have constant pain in my knee which made it hard to play with the kids , as well as my weight. Around 2010 I was diagnosed with depression put onto medication, later I was also put onto High blood pressure and cholesterol medication. The pain was so bad I would often sleep in my computer chair or sitting on the couch to try to relieve some of my pain. I started going into the doctor to get a steroid in my back just so I could walk around. The injection would help with the pain for a couple weeks but the pain just came back. In December 2012 my wife was rushed to the ICU and induced into a coma. That scared me beyond words as there was nothing I could do for her. When she was released and sent home I became her Carer and look after out 5 kids as well. The weight made it difficult to exercise and the pain in my knees made it almost impossible to get to the ground.  In 2014 while looking on Youtube I came across DDP  Yoga and Arthurs story and instantly became interested. So I looked for anything I could about DDP Yoga , Later that year at a family BBQ for Christmas I felt terrible and wanted a to change So just after Christmas I ordered the discs and logged on Team DDP Yoga. When I got the discs I took all the photos and weight 139.5kg. after the first month I was down 10kg and  in march I was able to complete a 5km walk. After a couple months things around home took over and I stopped DDP Yoga and went back to old eating habits and gained back half the weight I had lost. The pain came back and my mobility came less and less and I left no energy and didn’t feel like doing anything. I did want to start back the DDP Yoga again but not being motivated and feeling lazy I  I stayed like this. When I found out that the DDP Yoga NOW app came out I signed up straight away but needed to get a Bluetooth HRM. So I waited until one arrived and then I started back again this time at 128kg and when my birthday came around I decided I would start and never never give up. I decided to cut out dairy and as much gluten as possible trying to stick to real foods.


As I started this time my pain started to go and I was able to cut back on some medications. I managed to find out about the premiere of The Resurrection of Jake the Snake and got tickets and also got tickets for the DDP Yoga workshop. I managed to talk my sister into coming to both so we went and after watching the film when I saw DDP it was like it couldn’t be real even though I have seen him on my TV at home with every workout. but in person was different. I was lucky enough to meet him and a week later before the workshop started I spoke to him explaining how since I started this time I was off blood pressure and cholesterol medication and would be off the depression meds a week later. At the time of the workshop I as 117kg.  I took the advice of DDP and Two weeks after set my goal and inked it everywhere. On May 14 2016 I put up a post that I was 114kg and set the goal to lose down to 80kg. I set out how much I need to lose each week and have it taking up half my screen and I check it each week to make sure I am still on track.  It is on my phone and PC everywhere I look. I made custom wallpapers for my phone etc. to keep me motivated. As of September 28th  I am down to 95.2kg I am now stronger and more fit than I have ever been. I am lighter now than I was over 23 years ago. I can now get into catcher position and rest my arms on the ground. I no longer wish I could do it. I now know that I CAN and anything is possible. As DDP quoted “If you think you or think you can't, you're right.” And I am owning my life and will reach my goal by my birthday. My journey has me excited and is taking turns I never would have thought of before. Wherever my journey heads now it will be with DDP Yoga as I have decided I want to inspire people and help them own their life by enrolling to become a Certified Instructor.

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