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Candice Hamby

When I was younger, I was always small. Your typical barely eating so you can be smaller syndrome that most teenage girls follow. Skinny. No real muscle tone. I started college and nursing school and my weight went up. From this point on and into my nursing career my weight would fluctuate. I would exercise but barely eat and shrink down. I would eat nonstop and weight would go up. 


When I got pregnant with my son I was at a good weight of 155lbs. Exercising but not observing good eating. And then stresses of being pregnant, sole bread winner, working night shift and sheer, absolute no self control, I put on 60lbs during my pregnancy. And continuing stresses of being sole bread winner kept me from losing the weight as I had intended. Being told I was getting fat by then husband fueled a fire. In short order I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Then BAD things happened that I will not go into and my already poor self confidence that was starting to bud and getting better and my self worth got crushed in one moment that I will never forget. I floundered around and started putting on the weight I had lost. I had gotten a personal trainer, was once more barely eating and then it happened. I saw Arthur's video on FaceBook. I had had a terrible day at work and I cried. I sobbed. And I believed I could do anything if this broken man could. I couldn't forget that video. It haunted me for months. I broke down, researched it and bought it. It gave me the strength physically. Better yet, it gave me the strength mentally. Then it gave me the education of how to eat. And now I own my life. This program started me on this path of owning my life and I will continue it every day of my life. For myself. For my monkey boy. 


Thank you DDP for making this program and for asking me personally to join the Success Stories. And thank you to everyone who have believed in me. And thank you to the folks who say I have inspired them. That is a gift more precious than gold.


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