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Brett Austin

Senior year of high school I was tired of being fat and being over weight most my life. I just wanted a change in life and wanted to be healthy. I did workout in high school,  played football and also did wrestling but all I did was gain muscle under fat. I just didn't look good. I haven't really watched my calories, then one day listening to a Talk Is Jericho podcast I heard him mention DDP YOGA so I looked more into it. I saw Arthur's story and saw his incredible journey and thought "this is amazing". So, I got the program with the Jericho offer and my starting weight before DDP YOGA was 230lbs.  After months off and on it was the beginning of March is where I really wanted to get serious with this program and lifting weights on my off days. Taking before photo and seeing process is what really started to get me going and I fell in love with it as well as wanted to become a pro wrestler I knew this program was for me after months of hard work I hit my goal weight 185 never would of thought I would I see being this light after being in the 200 most my life it feels great accomplishing my goal.

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