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At 47 yr old I am what you might call a typical single mom with two children... two jobs and not enough hours in the day to accomplish the daily list of commitments and chores.. Until I ended up in the hospital with a life threatening lung & heart disease which made me realize some serious changes needed to be made in my lifestyle or I was going to leave my two beautiful girls without a mom…

That’s where Dallas Page’s DDP YOGA finally entered my life …. I have known and respected Page for more than half my life but I was never really ready to listen to what he said about my health. My stay at the hospital changed all that and I made an immediate change in all aspects of my life. I began the DDP YOGA workout program and implemented Dr. Fred Bisci’s intermediate level menu or Food Combining Eating Plan and in the first 30 days I lost 22 lbs and 14 inches. I would wake up every day and praise God for my healing and my second chance to live my life correctly… Healthy and Happy…

However, my immune system was so compromised from when I was in the hospital that I was having a hard time fighting pneumonia. I was determined to do everything in my power to get well and get strong so I continued my DDP YOGA program, eating and juicing everyday and now… 60 days later, not only have I lost 36 lbs, my pneumonia gone, but my test results at my DDP YOGA DAY 60 check up are proof positive that this comprehensive fitness program is the key to accomplishing the goal of optimum health.
DDP YOGA is an amazing workout and I love that it can be altered to fit wherever you are in your personal journey to health and fitness. I feel 20 years younger but what I didn’t expect was the positive change in my mental and emotional well being. I am sleeping a full 7 hours a night for the first time in 10 years. Life is good! And as this journey continues… I plan on living my life being the best I can be and as I strengthen and repair my inner body, the weight loss I am experiencing is what I call the outward results to the change I am making within.

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