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Adam Meador

My story isn't as much about weight loss as it overcoming obstacles. I started DDP YOGA in February 2013, just a couple of weeks after my 38th birthday. I was a relatively lean guy, worked out, watched what I ate (or so I thought). However, I wanted to try something different, as I was tired of jogging & lifting weights & having zero flexibility. At the recommendation of a friend, I checked out DDP YOGA. As soon as I saw the transformation of Jake 'the Snake' Roberts, I immediately ordered it. Over the next 8 months, I got into the best shape of my life! However, all of that changed in November 2013 when I started feeling sick.

I basically felt like I had the flu for what seemed like forever. I was inexplicably losing weight, had zero energy, etc. After doctors visits, ER trips (due to a really high fever) & countless tests, I was diagnosed with endocarditis, which is a bacterial infection of the inner lining of the heart chambers and valves. How did I get this, you ask? I am 99.9% sure that I got it after a routine dental cleaning. However, it's also extremely likely that I had a pre-existing heart condition that allowed bacteria to invade my system. Due to a 1.5 cm growth or "vegetation," as it's called, my aortic valve was basically being destroyed. As the bacteria grew, there was an extreme risk of it breaking off & causing clots, strokes, etc. Imagine a cardiologist looking you in the eye & telling you that what you have is potentially lethal.

Open heart surgery was the only option at this point because A.) the valve had to be replaced and B.) the bacteria had to be cleaned out. After a successful surgery on December 20th, I was discharged one week later (much to the happiness of my wonderful wife & 2 little ones). Between the sickness & the hospital stay, I lost almost 20 lbs, not to mention all my muscle tone & flexibility. I looked almost skeletal.

For the first few months, my activity was limited to only walking & eventually very light weights. Keep in mind that I could not put any sort of pressure on my chest for the first 3-4 months. So push-ups were out of the question! However, once I got the clearance in April 2014, I was able to resume DDP YOGA (albeit very modified), 2 months ahead of the date I had circled on the calendar in my head.

In June 2015, 18 months after my surgery, I became a certified DDPY Level 1 instructor. Additionally, I’m currently enrolled in the DDPY Level 2 Certification Program, as well as a personal training certification. The road back hasn't been easy. In fact, I sometimes feel like I’m still on it. But with regard to my heart health, I've gotten myself into such good cardiovascular shape that I no longer need to take beta blockers & semi-annual check-ups have now become annual. At my most recent echocardiogram done in June 2017, my heart was described as "strong & athletic". The benefits of DDP YOGA, both physical & mental, continue to be an important part of my life.

Adam Meador is a Level 1 DDP YOGA Certified Instructor. You can take classes with him at Rise Up FiTNess in the Hendersonville, TN area. Learn more at:

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