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Emily Robertson

Name: Emily Robertson

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Starting Weight: 184 lbs

Health Conditions:
Migraines and Chronic Fatigue

Started DDPY: January 2017

Done DDPY For: 12 months

Weight Lost: 65 lbs

Reduced migraines and improved fatigue

I have practiced DDPY on and off for a few years. But this is the first time that I’ve been “all in”. It has always been hard for me to fully commit to “Living my life at 90%”, as Dallas would say. I held on to specific foods and made excuses to not do workouts. Looking back, I just wasn’t ready yet and I think that if I would have committed years back, my story would be a lot different. But I really had to want it, I needed to be in a place where I was ready to take control of my life.

So if you’re reading this and you’re the on the fence, please reach out! The people in the DDPY community are one of the main reasons that I’m going strong today. It is so vital to have accountability and people in your life that want to see you do your best!
In January of 2016, I saw myself in a mirror when in a clothing store and I sat right there in the fitting room and cried. That moment, as ugly as it was... it was a turning point for me. I didn’t like what I saw and more importantly, I didn’t like how I felt. I was getting multiple migraines a week and I always felt fatigued and sluggish. I was never a star athlete as a kid and while I didn’t struggle with obesity as a child, I always had a low self-esteem. That self-esteem issue plagued me and really came to a head in early adulthood for me.
In early adulthood, I was introduced to fat-burners and various supplements and looked to them to lose weight. So I would go to the gym or workout with friends, but I relied on those supplements for weight loss/motivation. So I did this back and forth for years, I’d do the gym with heavy supplementation... then I’d lose the weight. But then the cycle would repeat when I would inevitably gain the weight back. When I had my turning point in January, I knew that DDP YOGA was going to be the thing to get me back on my feet and on the road to health.

I didn’t start my DDP YOGA journey with a specific weight loss goal in mind, I just wanted to feel better. I wanted to heal my body and make better choices. So in late January, I sat at my desk planning my meals and I set a goal to complete those first 13 weeks... no matter my mood or what food I encountered... that I would drag my broken and aching body to my mat and give it my all. I still have a ways to go, but I am constantly amazed by the resilience of my body and the things it can do. I still have a ways to go on my journey, but I’m so amazed and humbled by how far I’ve come. DDPYoga will forever be something that I am glad that I said “yes” to. By saying “yes” to DDPYoga, I also said “yes” to the road to health and a longer life. Best. Choice. Ever.

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