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Angee Vinzant

Hi there!  My name is Angee and my story isn't new.
I struggled with my weight as a kid.  My parents tried tough love, then counseling, then bribery and various other methods to get me to lose weight.  In high school, I kept it in check by taking dance classes and being in cheerleading.
Once I moved out on my own and in college, I made a mockery of the "freshman 15" and gained 75lbs in 2 years.  I wasn't exercising, wasn't eating right and now drinking.
I didn't really slow down getting married, and really let myself go when I got pregnant.  At age 26, I weighed 315lbs when I came home with my son.  This was my heaviest weight, yet and swore I was done with it.
One day I passed my local gym and heard the WWE wrestlers were in town and saw a few walking in to work out.  I wanted to see them working out!  I walked in and asked for a tour.  I was surprised by how nice the trainer was.  I thought about it and decided what the hell.
I started with just a couple sessions with a personal trainer the re-upped to 3 times a week.  Then my trainer started blacking out 1 day a week on my membership so that I would take a day off.  I was there for 3-4 hours a day.  I plateaued at 175lbs.  I wasn't ever willing to eat fruits and veggies and still ate pizza anytime I wanted.  Discouraged and now going through a divorce, I couldn't afford my membership anymore.  I had also just been sidelined by my doctor telling me to not do any cardio for 1 year.  I had been diagnosed with bronchitis and pneumonia 3 times in a year and due to exercise induced asthma.
Sitting on my ass and eating whatever I wanted became pretty damn easy.  So that's exactly what I did.  I did everything I could to avoid changing much.  Weight watchers, hypnosis, bought hunting dogs that I wanted to exercise with and a treadmill so I taught them to run themselves on the treadmill.
About a year ago, Michael Manna told me about DDP YOGA.  It seemed like something I could do.  Dvd's arrived and I was excited.  I was walking with friends at the lake, was enjoying Energy, but no way was I changing my diet.  Those good intentions were again met with my usual excuses.
I had been researching bariatric surgery for some time and found out that with a few appointments with my doctor, surgery should be approved.  I knew it would still take a lifestyle change.  I needed to exercise and eat better or it would be pointless.
I grabbed out my first disc again.  And again, this pulled at my curiosity.  Then I was seeing the feed on my Facebook for the group and found the members group.  Few weeks passed and I had a friend request from THE Dallas Page.  I thought this has to be a fan (it's happened - fans pretending to be someone).  Then I got a message asking if I was doing DDP YOGA.  YES! Next got asked how my diet was.  Well, I replied "its shit".
Pretty soon I got a message saying He was sending me a list and wanted me to look it over and tell me what he thought.  I was emailed a list of tasks to complete.  Track my food, watch Genetic Roulette, Sick Fat and Nearly Dead, few other things including Dallas' Living at 90%.  If you haven't seen it- do it.  He is a great speaker!  I was convinced I needed change but damned if I knew how or what to do.  I also was told that with not enough family support- no surgery.  Devastated and heart broke, I messaged and said I had completed his tasks.  9/11/14 I got the call from Dallas AND Brenda.  We talked for awhile- they talked, I listened and cried because I knew what I was going to need to do and there were people who didn't know me and cared.  Dallas agreed to help me.  I agreed to go gluten free, dairy free, organic, non-GMO.  Stop my pop, coffee, alcohol and drink LOTS of water.  I was to also email him every night with my exercise, water, and food.
I am now 40 days in.  I have emailed Dallas every night, I have had good and bad days and didn't always get an "atta Girl" but when I received advice, I took it and made changes.  Nothing could feel better than knowing you're giving it hell, feeling better, seeing results, and reading that email that said Dallas Page is proud of your work.  I am down 20lbs, wearing jeans I haven't worn for a year, down 3" around chest, waist, hips, and thighs.  My complexion has cleared up and off my acne medication, and my flexibility and strength has profoundly changed and no longer have the knee, hip, and back pain that had been keeping me from doing so many things! I am getting emails and getting stopped every day to find out what my secret is.  No secrets!  I got my diet straight, exercising, and Living Life at 90% and Owning My Life.  No stopping me now.

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