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Jim Patterson

Name: Jimbo Patterson

Hometown: Cranford, New Jersey

Starting Weight: 322 lbs

Current Age: 48

Started DDPY: 2007

Timeframe: 12 Months

Weight Lost: 61 lbs


Similar to DDP, I began a physical career at an age greater than those around me. I became a professional firefighter at age 35. I was the oldest or 2nd oldest in my class of 32 at the Fire Academy. After being on the job for a few years, me and some younger guys were in the weight room. As we kept adding more weight, lifting it obviously became harder and harder. 100, 200, 300+ pounds on the bench, I hadn't even thought of trying this in 15 plus years. Two days later, my whole body ached, I was hurting. Limping out of bed my wife asked me what was wrong, what did I do? I was lifting with "the kids" (the younger guys) I told her. Why don't you come to yoga with me? Yoga... HA! "Well then," she said, "you need to find another way."

Later on that day I searched "exercise find another way." As a result, there was an ad for YRG. Yoga for Regular Guys, the predecessor for DDPY. I recognized Dallas's face but never knew the connection. I read about how Kimberly prompted him to try yoga, how DDP began his very physical career later than most, and how he was hurting and the program helped him rehab back in to top form... This was sounding all too familiar!

The discs arrived and I kept them to myself. It had the name Yoga in the title... No f***ing way I'm telling anyone about this! Plus... it was hard! Keep in mind, this search was prompted because of me bench pressing over 300 pounds, but the program started with a three-second pushup... My arms were shaking like a homeless puppy on new years eve. As some progress started to show I was lighter but felt stronger. A training officer told me this job can be compared to that of a professional athlete in that we need to be able to think, react and execute. He also recommended looking at your career as though your looking at only about 25 seasons. Holy sh*t I thought!

I started drinking less beer, eating fewer carbs, and I got a mentor that I'd email what I was eating. I increased my protein, lowered my carbs, (it's really not rocket science lol). I work with a lot of guys whose last names end in a vowel. I'd say "Hey Franky can you pick up some gluten-free 'paster' for dinner?" To which the response was, "Glu-what?" I'd have to explain, "Gluten-free pasta Frank it's in the pasta aisle." He bought it and soon this 6'3" 322 lbs guy dropped to 285 lbs.

One day I got a call from a representative from DDPY. We were talking about how I loved the program, I was making progress and from the loudspeaker came "Car Two, Engine Three, Ladder One, RESPOND," I said bro, I gotta go. The voice said, "Are you a fireman, Dallas loves people who lay it on the line, you think he can....?" I gotta GO! click.

A few days later I spoke with Dallas and I don't think either of us planned on our initial talk to be an hour and a half. Two Jersey guys with the similarities mentioned above. Wife saying try yoga: Umm... No thanks. Starting a physical career at 35, Feeling beat up and injured and having to rehab back.

Here's an example of how the program has helped in my job as a firefighter:

On the roof of a burning multi-family house, another firefighter and I were tasked with Vertical Ventilation or simply cutting a hole in the roof as near to directly above the fire as possible. We moved along tapping the roof to assure it was sound. Our saw malfunctioned and we had to go old-school with axes. I’d stepped back to take my first swing and my rear foot went through the roof. Instead of diving to the side or making myself as wide as possible, I threw my arms over my head into Road Warrior One and from exploding touchdown pulled my foot from the roof. Up came my foot followed by heavy smoke and fire! We chopped around my size 13 shoe's hole and successfully vented the roof. A year prior and 30 lbs heavier... maybe I’m not writing this.

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