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She Re-Discovered Her Own Worth and Beauty


Name: Ashley Brothers

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Starting Weight: 298 lbs (250 lbs when started DDPY)

Age: 26

Started DDPY:
January 2014

Done DDPY For: 8 months

Weight Lost:
86 lbs

I want to take you all to the start of my journey before getting to where I am now. Picture this, 19 years old pregnant with your second child. You marry the father because you want that family. Things start to go very very bad. I was in the worst possible relationship I could be in. He was very emotionally abusive to me. I gained a lot of weight and became very unhealthy. I was 26 years old, 298lbs and now with 3 kids. I couldn't do anything with my children without getting very tired very quickly. I was told daily that I was fat and lazy. I was put down when I would try to diet or exercise to get healthy. Him constantly telling me no one would ever love me because of how I looked. I was with him for 12 years! A good portion of that was bad and it really did outweigh the good. You get tired of the person you love putting you down on a daily basis. I finally got the courage to leave.

When I did that I found the strength to get up and try to better me. I got a gym membership and worked out 5-6 days a week. I should have seen better results. I threw in some changes in my diet, stopped drinking pop and eating out and lost another 10lbs. Then it stopped, no more loss. I was getting discouraged when my then friend, now boyfriend, showed me a video about DDP Yoga. I watched it, I loved it, I bought it. I worked the program hard and changed how I ate. In 8 months I went from 250lbs to about 164lbs.

My goal was 150 and I flew past it. DDP YOGA has given me my life back, my health back and I feel so good about it. I haven't felt this good about my body since high school. It feels so good to be able to say "that really works". DDP YOGA really works! I've tried other workouts I seen on tv and they mostly just made me hurt. DDP YOGA has helped me not only lose weight but also tone up and help my joints and my back. Ever since my last child (he's now 4) my back hasn't been the same, this workout has helped open me up and get me feeling good, not just physically but overall good! 

Not long after I reached my goal I received a phone call that would change my life and mindset forever. I got a call from Diamond Dallas page himself. He noticed my progress and wanted to meet me. I was so honored and shocked because things like this don’t happen to regular people right!?!

I flew down to Georgia and was blown back by the support and encouragement I received from the DDPY community. I came home and thought about that trip. Thought about where I could go from here. This program changed my life in such a way that I wanted to show everyone what it can do for them. That’s when it hit me, get certified. Open your own business and help others see their full potential. I signed up for business school, I work a full-time job to support my 3 children, and I am working toward becoming certified. My plate is full but not too full. I know DDP reached out to me for a reason. I know I have the potential to help so many other men and women with my story. If you are in a similar situation right now know that you are not alone. Know that you are worthy and beautiful.


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