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My name is Ashley brothers. About 2 years ago I started on my weight loss journey. I was at 289lbs and very unhealthy, I couldn't do anything with my children without getting very tired very quickly. So I got a gym membership. Worked my butt off and in a year I lost only 50lbs. I felt very discouraged and threw in some changes in my diet, stopped drinking pop and eating out and lost another 10lbs. Then it stopped, no more loss. I was on Facebook one day and seen a video of a man who couldn't even walk anymore a veteran and watched his progression using ddp yoga. I was so impressed I thought why not. I ordered it and I worked hard and in less than a year went from 229lbs down to where I am today, 143! My goal was 150 and I flew past it. Ddp yoga has given me my life back, my health back and I feel so good about it. I haven't  felt this good about my body since high school. It feels so good to be able to say "that really works". Ddp yoga really works! I've tried other workouts I seen on tv and they mostly just made me hurt. Ddp yoga has helped me not only loose weight but tone and help my joints and my back. Ever since my last child (he's now 4) my back hasn't been the same, this work out has help open me up and get me feeling good, not just physically but over all good! 

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