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Jason Kowalczyk

My story, as you requested. I was always a big pro wrestling fan, starting with Warrior right before Mania 5. I was working at a gas station when I met Lex Luger the night of the final Nitro in Panama City, which is where I lived at the time. In 2001, I was wrestling around with my wife's little brother and blew out my back trying to do a Jericho triple powerbomb, he was 9 and it was into pillows, but though I was feeling pain, it really hit the next morning. New dad, new husband, new job, and suddenly I could barely move. It lead to surgery, Doctor say it was so bad that there was a chance that if I did anymore damage to it, i would be in a wheelchair for life. the surgery was a success, but I found it was very difficult to find a job having "Back Surgery" on my app. Although movement was better, I was always in pain and cranky, my first wife put up with a lot, but eventually she had enough. Moved back to the Tampa area where I stopped reporting my past injuries because it held me back from getting jobs. I worked jobs I had no business working after having a surgery like that, but I did anyway. When I moved to Missouri in 2007, I was already sure I would never live a day without being miserable and in pain. In 2011 when I married for the second time, I was on my feet so long that day that the pain became so intense I was unable to perform, ahem, on my wedding night. One morning, I woke up in pain, ending up calling for my wife because i was in so much pain I needed help to get off the throne. We were living in a trailer, I fell through the floor one morning after my step son spilled a bucket of water in the middle of the night and did not clean it up. The plywood got damp and I got banged up so bad I was using a cane to get around.It was rough, I was working at a daycare and wasn't able to be active with the children, and then the day came that I logged into facebook and saw Arthur's video. I was only half paying attention until DDP was mentioned, then I started the video over. I think it was 6 months later that my wife got me the videos. I don't remember being as excited about a gift in my adult life, but I won't lie, I cursed DDP a lot in the beginning. When I dumped the cane within 3 weeks, I was shocked, and the weight loss was insane.The kids at the daycare noticed too, I was running and playing tag with them on the playground, shocking them that I not only could keep up, but I was tagging them. 83 pounds gone and I was moving around like someone 15 years younger. I fell off my routine a bit after my wife moved on to someone with money, I moved back to Port Richey, Florida. If not for DDPY, there is no way I would have been able to work "Day Labor" on construction sites the way I did while I looked for more stable employment. Eventually I got the job at Holiday Inn, and that leads us to where I am now. I won't lie, I don't keep my routine as regular as I should, but without ddpy, who knows where I would be right now, my guess would be I would be on disability. At 40, I feel better than I did in my late 20s, Now that is one hell of a .... BANG. The shirt I bough for work just yesterday was xl, not a xxxl that I was once used to.

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