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Joshua Blankenship

My journey to DDPY started in May 2016. I was on the floor playing with my 2 young kids (Gabe 3 Auria1) and after about 5 minutes was exhausted and frustrated. It hit me hard due to the fact that my weight is now affecting my relationship with my kids. I didn't realize at the time but was depressed I didn't know what to do. One of my close friends who is a huge wrestling fans as well told me about DDPYOGA. I'm thinking DDP does yoga? I never would have thought of DDP doing yoga he is a pro wrestling legend. So I google it, all I read are positive reviews. Still skeptical I start looking for negative reviews and couldn't find any.


I purchased the Max Pack. I start reading the guide and the "It's up to you" section twice. I realize it is up to me what I get out of this. You can truly make this workout your own. I strictly followed the  Phase 3 eating program. I was were hooked  and it is now my lifestyle. The workouts challenge you but with zero impact makes it doable practically everyday, and the DDPYogaNow app keeps you engaged from the tracking system to motivational videos.  I do DDPYOGA 6 days a week.  I started at a weight of 330 lbs. Set a goal of 275 I was there in no time set a new goal of 250, then 225 and now 205. I'm happy to say I'm 205. I went from a size 46 pant to 36 (almost 34), and 61 inches off my body. My 2 goals for 2017 are attend a DDPYOGA workshop and become a certified trainer.  Not only did DDP YOGA help me change my life I now know what I want out of life. I want to help people bring the best out in themselves. I can't thank everyone at DDPYOGA enough especially Dallas. You have helped me OWN my life every single day.

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