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It all started with a picture. The picture was taken near the end of 2012. I didn't see the picture until the beginning of 2013. I was shocked by it. I knew I had gained weight, but I didn't realize how far I had fallen out of shape. I had fallen deep into "dad mode". Having twins can do that to anyone I suppose, I love my kids dearly, they are my life. However, I bought a scale the day I saw this picture. It said 240 lbs. I knew that I was out of control. That picture represented so much to me. Then I began to look at pictures that I had taken of me from around that time. I knew I had to change things up.

I used to run to stay in shape, but that was before kids, I simply didn't have the time with my job and the kids. Plus my knee was starting to hurt at this time. I needed something else but I was lost. I began to hear more and more about DDPYOGA. I'm a wrestling fan. But at the same time, I didn't quite believe the hype. I thought was a just another workout product and by a wrestler, a great wrestler, but a wrestler none the less. I tried it, 2-3 times a week. Kept it up, shaky as I was. I fell a few times, probably more than a few. In a few months, before I knew it, 20 lbs, gone. There were things on my arms called muscles that were just starting to form. I've never had muscles! I really injured my knee and needed to repair two meniscus tears in my right knee. Plus they found arthritis and ACL issues. I lived with this for awhile, dealing with the pain daily. I still did various workouts 2 days a week. I still lost another 10lbs. I got to 210, then finally got the knee surgery I needed. Recovery time and laziness, got me back up to 220. But I was doing the yoga loosely. It was still working but I wasn't putting real energy in. Still got down to 210 again. Even at half speed and half motivated I maintained that and was happy, but wanted more out of it. In the very beginning of April 2016, I decided to buckle down, 6-7 times a week. Rotating workouts. As of 8/21/16, I hit 165! Total weight loss of 75lbs! It's all about what you put into it, I put in everything I had and received back so much more. I'm improving everyday still. Again, i'm never again going to move backwards. My kids, Dylan and Taylor love the new me, my wife loves the new me. Most of all, I LOVE the new me. My energy is through the roof, my motivation is off the charts, my sex drive has sky rocketed, I owe so much to the program and DDP himself.

So to answer your questions:
What role did DDP YOGA have with this switch? By providing a path for someone like me to find yoga accessible. For having the ability to show me a far different
way that I would have never traveled without his personal story and the help he has provided others..

What your goal is? My initial goal was to see 199 lbs. I thought that was it for me, it seemed unreachable. Anything else was going to be a bonus. 199 came and went.
I set small goals after that. 5 lbs at a time. Those goals have been blasted! I sit at 165lbs, and I'm not going backwards. My goal now, is just maintain, build more muscle and abs, i've never had abs, might as well try. Oh, and the black crow into handstand,
I have been working on that the last month or so. It will happen, I can already get one leg up, I have those videos on my instagram and facebook page. The people that know me are shocked to see how far this journey has taken me.

Are you there yet? Surpassed my goals by a landslide and then some! Haven't gotten the black crow into handstand yet, but it will happen! I can however do a full
handstand into crunches, which I can't even believe I typed that.

Things that you've done to change from the "old" you? The old me would stop by taco bell on my commute home and then eat dinner afterwards! A yoga workout 6-7 times
a week, doesn't matter what time, I fit it in daily, even after midnight. My kids even do it with me on occasion. Now I have my wife doing it, and shes lost 22 lbs in 3 months! I have drastically changed my eating habits, no more fast food runs on my commute
home. Clean eating, chicken, fish, salads. I developed a philosophy, by eating clean MOST of the time, that allows me to eat whatever I want SOME of the time. It works for me. No soda and just plain healthy choices and clean eating. The progress keeps me motivated.

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