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Christopher Mann

From 2006 to 2018, I lived my life as a depressed, insecure person. I had no structure and no direction. I grew up playing sports, mainly soccer, but have had multiple injuries that I let keep me from continuing my pursuit of my dreams on the pitch. I gave up not only on athletics but myself. Summer of 2018 I accepted a job with the post office as a city mail carrier, and was too overweight to do the job. It was so hot out I lost roughly 15-20 lbs just from that, but I knew something was wrong. I could feel it. I was sent to the doctor and learned how out of shape I really was. I punched a door because I was so angry at myself I literally broke my left hand. I had a lot of time to think about the workouts I wanted to do while it healed, and by October I had decided it was time to try this DDPY program I kept hearing about.

I used the app, paid for it and jumped right in. Within weeks I felt a difference!! So much so that I tried playing a pickup soccer game in February with my rejuvenated spirit, but I wasn’t ready. I tore my groin so bad that my entire inner leg turned purple and I learned I was on the shelf for 6-8 weeks. Great. No more DDPY, or so I thought. After my 3rd dr. I was diagnosed with a grade 3 tear and I showed him the DDPY app and asked if it would be ok to use for rehab. I got the green light and haven’t looked back! It’s given me more strength and confidence after being down on my luck for so long then I could have ever imagined. I’m inspiring change in those around me, including my amazing wife Alison (who has also lost 46lbs and counting) and could not be more grateful. My life has completely changed for the better and I feel like I’m in better shape then I was when I played college soccer in 04-05. Thank you DDP and your amazing team! I accompanied the program with Positively Unstoppable, I read it cover to cover, and It’s made me re evaluate my life, and not only take care of my physical well being but also my mental well being.

I have suffered from anxiety and depression my entire adult life, I turned to booze, shopping, spending money I didn’t have to make myself feel better, to housing more McDonald’s than any human should ever consume. I am now taking action, following the program and I am getting professional help to heal my mind as well. DDP has given me the tools to change what needed to change physically, and because of that, I have gained the confidence to address my mental health as well. It’s a scary thing, depression/anxiety but what this program has taught me is anything worth doing takes work, and not to be afraid to own my life. Setbacks happen, but it’s not how many times we fall, it’s how many times we get back up that matters.

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