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Dale Carew


Approximately 5 years ago I tried a very popular at home fitness program (P90X). I did the doubles version of the program and was in amazing shape cardio wise. I'm 5ft 5 inches tall and love to eat, so I tend to pack on the pounds quite easily. P90X got me down from about 160lbs to 132lbs, but it was twice a day and absolutely insane.

Roughly 2 years later I was back to my 155 - 165 weight. From here, my friend and I decided to bulk up as he was a personal trainer and gave me what I considered a great education in terms of actually going to the gym and what it took to put on weight, which in my opinion was much harder than losing weight. We spent the next 9 months or so eating 7-8 meals a day and lifting heavy at the local gym. I got myself up to 192lbs over that course of time and was quite pleased. The kicker though, was that once I slowly stopped working out, all that extra size I put on just turned to fat. I was carrying the most weight I'd ever carried and was no longer proud of it.

I've been a lifelong wrestling fan and could no longer ignore all the talk about DDP Yoga. I decided to give it a try. I stuck with Fat Burner every second day for a few weeks knowing my body would have to adjust and stretch out a bit first. About a month into the program I realized how little sense it made for me to be doing this great workout but not eating properly. I decided to do a simple 1200-1400 calorie a day plan with an anything goes cheat day on the weekends. No carbs after dinner or my workout; whichever came first.

Luckily for me, the local independent wrestling company then ran by my friend, announced that DDP himself would be coming in to appear in approximately 3 months. It lined up almost perfectly with the end of the program on my wall. Being able to meet DDP and workout with him was more than enough motivation to carry on. This time around though I decided no more scales! Those things drove me crazy the first time I did an at home workout plan. I always made time; even if it meant doing it on my break at work.  I knew once I was 3-4 months into DDPY that it was everything it was cracked up to be. DDP ran a kick ass workout when he came and I enjoyed every minute of it. I showed DDP how my belt was the only thing keeping up that particular pair of pants. 




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