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Jerry's Journey to Walk Again

Meet Jerry Cameron, a 52-year-old veteran who is officially considered a paraplegic. He has been working directly with DDP and his team in Georgia for the past couple of months. As shown in the first episode of We Can Rebuild You, as Cameron has needed assistance for years both with walking and performing everyday basic functions.


How did you first find out about DDP YOGA?

Jerry Cameron: I had first seen the Arthur [Boorman] video a while back, but it wasn't until my girlfriend showed it to me again that I really sat down and watched it. So last year we went to the DDP YOGA Performance Center and Haydn [Walden] was there...

At that time I was going to the chiropractor, my girlfriend was having to take me everywhere. A year went by and my chiropractor actually was hip to DDPY and she told my girlfriend about it again, and my girlfriend went online and e-mailed Pat [McDermott].

Pat got in touch with me about the DDPY Rebuild program and I went over there for a meeting. I guess they'd talked to Dallas, and Dallas was there. He has a thing in his heart for veterans, so he talked to me afterward and it took off from there.

Did you have any hesitation about putting yourself and your story out into the world?

Jerry Cameron: No, not at all. I have to get used to the attention, but no, because had it not been for someone else putting their story out, I wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to see that there was hope for me. If it can help someone who'd given up hope, just like me, then I'll put myself out there anytime.


Having watched Arthur's video, where he's ultimately running at the end, do you have a main goal you're looking to achieve in being part of the DDPY program?

Jerry Cameron: Oh, I'm going to walk, I'm going to be running, just like that. That's the ultimate goal. Since I've started this program, I've had dreams and visions every night that I'm walking, that I'm running...

You get trapped in your head when it comes to "I can't do this, I'll never be able to do this." I was like that, my girlfriend had to do everything I should have been doing. It can be done.

This program is breathtaking, because you think you can't, but you know you can once you start. You can feel it, once it vibrates inside, there's no looking back. DDPY can help you mentally, physically and emotionally.


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