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Kristen Pickens

I decided to lose weight two years ago, and started walking with a friend. We walked anywhere from 12-18 miles a week, and I lost about 20 pounds in 6 months, without changing my eating habits. My weight loss stalled though, for a full year. I knew I had to change some things, and also, my miles walking were starting to dwindle, due to my walking partner's work hours. I had heard about DDPY for probably a year before I decided to try it. I also had heard some things about intermittent fasting. I finally just bit the bullet and purchased the DDPY app for a year and started intermittent fasting at the same time. I immediately started losing weight again, and have lost 30 pounds in the 6 1/2" months since I started DDPY and IF. I've worked through the beginner program and finish the intermediate program this week. I'm excited to see what the advanced program has in store for me!

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