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Joe Vaught


My story started with me making a choice, I was sitting at home one night while wearing my CPAP mask, and I thought to myself if I can’t pass the DOT physical I would have to quit my job as a truck driver, but more importantly if I stayed the same course with my eating habits and lifestyle that I would die before 50. I made a choice that night, a choice we all have, that I was not ready to die if I had a choice to live. I want to grow old with my wife, see my kids grow up, see my grandkids grow up, so I made the choice to take back control of my life and be healthy. 
My first step, which is the best way to be successful, was to do some research on diets and exercise, so I learned about Keto and did some research to make sure I did it properly and I decided to use Keto and DDP Yoga as my foundation to being healthy and losing weight. I am not in the advanced program of DDPY by any means. I do the basics of the program, which is good enough, about 1-3 times a week. Along with Keto and DDPY I have had amazing success. 
I was in a bad place in my life physically and mentally health wise. I would use food as a means to be happy, overeating everyday… bad food, I was taking in probably around 4000-4500 calories a day, around 1000g of carbs a day, it was, in a way, me slowly killing myself. At first I had to mentally prepare myself for the challenges ahead, I did so by setting achievable goals, short term, medium term and long term. I would set a short-term goal of losing 10 lbs in a month, a medium-term goal of losing 50 lbs in 6 months and a final goal of weighing in at 205 lbs. 
I am happy to say I am 10 lbs from my long term goal, but now I am at the mindset to change that goal and see how far I can go, to keep challenging myself. I had sleep apnea, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol when I started and I can now say all of that is either gone or completely under control. I no longer have sleep apnea, my blood pressure has dropped to normal, and I am no longer medicated for it, pre-diabetes is gone, and cholesterol is good. It’s been a long journey with difficult challenges that I prepared mentally for, but all you have to do is just strive to be happy and that’s what I did. I knew the battle would be won or lost mentally, and that if I could have the right mindset I could physically push myself. I am hopeful that I inspire people to make the choice and take back control as I did. God Bless!!

UPDATE - January 2019

 I am currently down to 192 pounds, I haven’t been this weight since I was a teenager. I am continuing on my path, my final goal is 185 pounds.

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