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Beverly Bouma

I started DDPY in 2014, after seeing my friend recover from his recurring back injuries.  I have a number of back-related issues, including arthritis, a leg length difference that throws things off, and a recurring sublimating rib.  I found such results with the program that I wanted to become certified, and became an Instructor in February 2016.  
My story is not about weight loss.  I started my weight loss journey in 2011, after topping out at over 225lbs ... after that, I stopped looking at the scale!  I was running, and I kept getting injuries... DDPY was the perfect solution to keep my back strong, and rehab the recurring hip & knee issues! I did lean out quite bit, going from about 175 to 155 or so, and then my depression/anxiety came back so hard I was unable to work last year.  I've dealt with depression before... it's awful... you don't want to get out of bed or do any of the things that actually make you feel better.  This time, though, it was different,  This time I had DDPY!!! I was already in a habit of getting up and hitting the mat.  And although I didn't feel like anything at all, DDPY was already part of my day every day and I just keep on doing it.  
My last big depressive episode caused so much weight gain, which worsened my depression and anxiety.  This time, I had a self-care routine that was part of my daily habit.  I  kept hitting the mat daily, even though I was feeling incredibly low.  I did gain some weight back as part of the medications prescribed, but I'm still strong, flexible, and well on my way back to being myself! The weight will sort itself out as I continue to eat well and do my DDPY.  I'm super excited that I'm able to  teach again, and help others! I had a student tell me that DDPY has helped with her anxiety, and that makes me so happy,
This time, things were different.  I had a self-care regime to see me through the dark times, and I came out the other side STRONG!!!

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