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Sam Arvam

I first experienced DDPY when DDP came to Australia to promote The Resurrection of Jake the Snake. I'm a big fan of MCW and seeing Dallas at one of the show's was awesome. I have been a fan of his since the WCW days.
It was the Arthur video that grabbed my attention. But didn't act on it at the time.
I was 58 around 126kg, 5'7" T2 Diabetic (poorly controlled) and had osteoarthritis in my hips and some degeneration in my lower back.

Skip forward a year, it was a couple of months before my 59th birthday. I had a review on my diabetes, once again my Hbc had risen to 12.8 even though I was taking Metformin AND 76 units of insulin per day. Once again the Dr increased my dose. This time to 98 units. With little advice of eating right and being active. I was also taking medication for BP and Cholesterol.

I  recalled the image of a medicine cabinet full of medication that we threw out after my mother had died at age 63 from diabetic complications that made me think that this was where I was heading if I didn't do some thing about it soon.
It was also when my osteoarthritis started affecting my life. The pain was causing me to limp to a degree where I was hunched over. Sleeping, sitting and driving were becoming difficult.

Heading to my 59th birthday I remembered the Arthur video and started researching DDPY. After reading the testimonials and seeing some You Tube clips. I ordered the DVDs on Aug 11 2018 planning to start the program on my birthday Aug 26 ( I needed a milestone moment)with the goal being fitter and healthier by my 60th birthday. As planned, I started on my 59th birthday with the Bedflex series.

I found this wasn't challenging me in an aerobic sense but I noticed relief in my hip.
After a couple of weeks on the DVDs I started using the App. This opened my eyes to the amount of workouts available and the fantastic instructors that allowed you to modify the workouts. Believe me, I needed that then and still do now due to my hip issues.

I eagerly watched Motivational Mondays and soaked up so much information by watching the recommended Documentaries and concentrated on my nutrition. I had become and still am around 90 % plant based. Only having the occasional fish or chicken.

After a few weeks I noticed the physical changes of the weight falling off, my clothes getting looser and my blood sugars and pain decreasing. I was more surprised with the effect DDPY was having on my mindset. I suppose I'm lucky that I don't suffer Depression or Anxiety but it was very noticeable to me on how positive I was approaching life. I'm forever thankful I watched Living life at 90%. It has been my mantra from that day on.

Fast forward to November 2018. After following the set programs, I did the Synergy 40 work out without modifying and had the AHA moment that I was really Owning my Life. I have not missed a workout since then. It was also around this time I had halved my diabetic meds.So many positives and NSVs along the way. Completely off ALL medication within 6 months.

Going from size 44 to 34 jeans, 4xl to L shirts/jackets
Being able to touch my toes (after a bit of stretching) all made me feel proud of what I'd achieved. But nothing was more satisfying than my Dr. telling me I had officially reversed the T2 Diabetes.

By my 60th birthday I was down to 83 kg. Walking without a limp, able to walk for hours without pain, medication free, stronger and fitter than I have ever been.
I have never been an athletic person of any sort, never played sport, have had an office job for most of my working life. So waking up and enjoying this lifestyle everyday has been such an uplifting experience. I now commit to working out between 100 to 120 minutes spread out through the day. I purposely wake up 30 minutes earlier than I need to. Just to get my "oil for the Tin man" warm up and stretch in for the day.

Another benefit  of DDPY that deserves mentioning is, the amazing and supportive people on the various DDPY  FB  groups. I love joining in on the many challenges that are created and following the stories of some truly inspirational warriors.
I'd like to end this story by saying thank you to two men I owe so much to
My father for giving me life and DDP for showing me how to OWN IT.

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