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Kelli Hall

Growing up, I was never small. Despite being involved in high level sports year-round, I was always a little bigger than most. Fortunately, because of my high activity level, my size was never a huge concern nor were my less than healthy eating habits! Sure, I would’ve liked to be a little faster but I made up for that with my strength and sports IQ. I was still able to maintain my performance level well enough to play soccer in college. But life happened and my college playing days came to an end. Thus began one of the hardest battles I’ve ever faced. 


No one close to me ever told me I was getting big...REALLY big. Did they not notice? Did they not want to hurt my feelings? I’m not sure but before I knew it, I was a 5’3”, size 22, 250lb person I didn’t recognize. I still played soccer and softball but not to the level I once did because I was physically incapable. I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I yo-yo dieted for a while. I tried the gimmick workout programs that were less than suited to someone my size. As quick as I would lose weight, I’d gain it right back and have to pull out my “fat” clothes again. Each time, I told myself I’d never again be that size yet there I was. What else could I do? I’d done everything, right?! Not...just...yet. 


I’d seen the Arthur DDPY video numerous times. Who hadn’t?! But I always thought yoga was for, well, soccer moms. No way could I EVER get a killer a workout with YOGA! I even met DDP about 5 months before I started the program. I didn’t care so much about his program as I did just meeting him, being a huge old-school wrestling fan! After all, it was probably the same as all of the other programs out there that just ended up being a money grab. At least that’s what I told myself. And then, one fateful day in my women’s amateur soccer league, I suffered a brutal knee injury. Damaging 3 of 4 ligaments as well as my meniscus left me unable to do much but sit, watch TV, and eat...and eat...and eat. About 10 weeks in to this horrible time, I find myself gaining weight rapidly, nearing the number I told myself I’d never be again. Knowing DDPY was for ALL levels, I knew this was my only option; really, my only hope. 


It was UGLY when I started. I had zero flexibility and zero strength. I still had a right knee that didn’t work. I don’t even want to imagine what I must have looked like! But little by little and day by day, I got stronger. I could move a little more. My destroyed knee was gaining stability. More than anything, I was gaining confidence.  I committed myself to DDPY. I immersed myself in all it had to offer. I adopted the “Own your life” mindset. Sure enough, the results started coming. Then I changed my diet and became mindful of what I was putting in my body. That only accelerated my results. In roughly 8 months, I reached 155lbs...95 gone forever. Nearly 2 years later, I maintain a weight of 140-145lbs. I still watch what I put in my mouth. I have muscles in places I’ve never had muscles and confidence I never thought I’d experience. 


I truly believe that DDPY saved me from a life of misery and am forever eternally grateful to Diamond Dallas Page. It’s taught me to become accountable for my life and to be disciplined in the things I do. It doesn’t only fix the physical parts of a person but the mental, as well. It has a community of support unlike any I’ve ever seen. I advocate for DDPY to any and everyone that will listen. I’ve had people tell me that I only do it because I get some kind of commission like other programs when people sign up. As nice as that would be, I got and continue to get way more than that in return. I got my life back. Take the leap. You won’t regret it. 

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