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I am not going to let my depression define me.

I started my journey in 2013 as a way to fight depression. Fighting that would lead to a much healthier life.  A friend bought DDP Yoga for me as a gift for helping him out when he had a tough time. It was doing that job as I was thinner, I was happy, and all around things were looking up.  There was a constant battle trying to better myself for two years with medication only doing so much due to my depression being too strong. My health declined again as I ballooned back up to 215 pounds in 2015. For a guy who is only 5'9, that is pretty terrible. Then near the end of the year, the worst thing that could have happened occurred when my wife had a miscarriage. 

From then on I decided that I am going to work through that and my depression no matter what. For myself to keep distracted, to obviously get in better shape, and becomes stronger mentally. I started saying "I can" and "I will". In 4 months, I lost 20 pounds, doesn't seem like too much in that amount of time because I was rebuilding muscle. I tried out the DDP Yoga Now app and it really challenged me. After my 30th birthday, I decided to take into high gear. I started doing Diamond Cutter along with Red Hot Core. I lost all of the additional weight throughout the rest of the year in 2016 and hit my goal weight right before my wedding. My total weight loss is 50 pounds. I haven't looked this good in 10 years!  The stories I have seen are totally inspiring, but the bottom line is that you have to get yourself up and do the work!


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