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John Finlay

Name: John Finlay

Hometown: Inverness, Scotland, UK

Starting Weight: 302 lbs

Age: 32

Health Conditions:
Asperger Syndrome

Started DDPY:
April 2017

Done DDPY For: 8 months

Weight Lost:
135 lbs

Lost weight, Dropped 10 sizes in jeans


For most of my life I had not cared about my health for a second. I would eat lots of prossesed food, microwave meals, soft drinks, sweets and have lots of takeaway meals. All I cared about was playing video games, watching anime and watching wrestling (WWE). Those were the only things I cared about outside of working. It was all a part of how I am as someone who has Asperger syndrome.

It wasn't until 2016 where signs of my body feeling wrong was showing. In September of that year, I had a perianal abscess that had I had to go to surgery for and spent a month recovering from that painful experience, but I didn't learn from that warning. I went back to the status quo of my life sitting on my backside thinking nothing of it and went back into my habits .

Fast forward to March of 2017 and I find out that the WWE online shop had a replica jacket that is tied to one of my favourite WWE wrestlers today, Finn Balor, and without hesitation I order myself a a size 2XL jacket thinking that it will fit me no problem. I get it and I couldn't get it on at all which sucked, so I sent it back and asked if I could replace it with the largest size they had being at 3XL. I get the 3XL jacket, put it on, try and zip it up and find that my gut was so big that I couldn't get the zipper together. I was pissed, I have this awesome jacket I want to wear to rep one of my favourite WWE wrestlers and I can't even wear it right. It was at that moment my brain finally clicked and I said to myself I need to change this. I wasn't going to return this jacket back and ask for a refund, no I am going to wear this jacket properly and I know the way to do it.

I had seen the videos many times, Arthur's video, Jared's video, The Resurrection of Jake the Snake, these were examples of how DDP YOGA could help and if I wanted to wear that wrestling merchandise I best use a former wrestlers program to do it. Luckly for me DDP himself was going into the WWE Hall of Fame for 2017 and DDP YOGA had slashed the price off the programs DVD's in celebration. So I go to get myself sorted with the 4 DVD pack, a DDP YOGA Mat, and a heart monitor.

I got my stuff in April of 2017 and I was ready to go, the goal was simple: Lose enough weight to zip up the jacket. I had already started changing my nutrition by cutting out everything I had been having from the start, and getting more organic produce, fresh cut meat, going Gluten Free and Dairy Free from the start so that I know I can get the best results and controling what I was having through the day, not over eating like I was before. The first month of being on the program was hell, I had jumped in deep with it doing Energy 2.0 from the start and my body was screaming at me. By the end of that first month it was screaming its loudest. Eventually, my body adjusted to the changes and it was smooth sailing from that point onward.

Like DDP said during the workouts on the DVDs "Make the DDPY your own," I took that to heart I did it my way, how I felt I needed to handle it to get what I wanted for myself. By July of 2017 I was able to achieve what I wanted I had gotten to zip up that jacket and wear it right, I was able to do that in 3 months. I was amazed at how fast I was able to do it and though to myself why stop there? Seeing my weight at that time I saw that I wasn't that far away from a health weight/BMI and by realising that, I found a new goal: I was going to be at a healthy weight for the first time in my life.

Being on the program has changed me so much, I even got myself a cycling bike to ride out on which I haven't owned one since I was a kid. In the same year that all this was happening, I would get to thank the 2 men who have help me in my journey face to face. In September, DDP came to Glasgow, Scotland for a Q&A night and a DDPY workshop, so I knew I had to travel down from the Highlands and tell him where my progress was at and thank him personally. When I met with DDP it was 5 months since I started the program and I had lost 99lb (almost 100lb) and boy was he impressed, so much so he gave me a Diamond Cutter that I was so not ready for.

Then in November at a WWE VIP Experience session for a WWE Live show in Glasgow, where I didn't know who I was going to meet as part of that experience, one of them was the man who's jacket made me change myself Finn Balor. I told him my story in a brief way (as there was others wanting to meet him too) and thanked him personally for helping me, for had he not been in WWE that jacket wouldn't have been made and I wouldn't have had my drive to change myself.

My progress has encouraged members of my family to start their DDP YOGA journey, even old school friends have gone to start on it, and the support I have had from all my friends and family has been overwhelming. The nurse who saw me every month to check my weight was impressed every time she saw me and so amazed by how fast I lost the weight I was carrying for so many years. She could see the results by way of looking at my jeans size where before being on DDP YOGA I was wearing 44 inch jeans and every couple of months I would have to buy new pairs of jeans cause I would be dropping in size so much. Now I am wearing 34 inch jeans. When looking back at all this I think of a quote from a video game that I have played before and it goes like this, "Don't hesitate. When the time comes just act." When I couldn't fit into that jacket I didn't hesitate like I had done in the past, I acted on wanting to change myself to get what I wanted, I acted on getting onto DDP YOGA to make that change and I'm glad I did.

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