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My names PeeJay Gambino I'm 32 yrs old from the Jersey shore but reside in Boiling Springs SC. When I started DDPY I was over 250 lbs. I was drinking everyday. Eating garbage and just didn't care. Until one day listening to Talk is Jericho he was promoting the Jake the Snake documentary. Being a big wrestling mark I decided to check it out. It got me good. I saw myself going down the same path. I got scared. The next couple weeks I started building a home gym and ordered my first DDPY. Over the next year and a half I was in the gym 5-6 days a week. My family and I own sandwich shops in Spartanburg and Greenville SC called Monster Subs (shameless plug) so my life was literally work and work out. But I'm happy to say that today I'm at my goal of 189 lbs of just about solid muscle lol. DDPY helped me so much cut the weight quicker than I imagined, it helped me stop drinking, It also helped me get my knees back under me AND my shoulder is like new! My flexibility and stamina also improved tremendous! I couldn't be more appreciative to you and your crew DDP! I took the advice of making it my own and now incorporate it into my personal workouts. Mainly pre and post power lifting and it's fantastic! I also do it on my off days to stay limber and on point. Especially in my mind because it's also a great brain workout! Any way I hope my story can motivate someone to change as you did for me! Keep doing the world good! 

Story Posted: December 04 2017

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