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Jon Hacking

A few years ago I started to experience anxiety, I feel was linked to my emigrating from the UK to Australia, not only was I feeling anxious I also started showing physical symptoms of anxiety too, muscular pain and muscle twitches , which then heightens the anxiety further.
At the time was cycling and had to stop this due to the pain and then this led to me comfort eating and drinking alcohol, starting to feel even worse, I was wanting to attempt to start exercising again but did not know how this would be possible.
I remember the video I had seen with Artur doing a program that got him in shape from an incredible starting point and then the rest is history for me, I think to begin with I subscribed to weekly or monthly payments to take any risk away if I couldn't manage the program and then after a while I swapped to yearly.
The results for me have been amazing, my weight is down 42 pounds , my resting hear rate is now in the 50's from being pretty high and my pain and anxiety has reduced dramatically.
2019 will also hopefully see me become a Level 1 DDPY instructor, I signed up about 3 months ago and will really push this now as my main goal.  

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