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Justin Mullins

Dating back to my childhood I have always been a prowrestling fan.  I started watching WCW during the first days of the NWO and Monday Night Wars. One of the prowrestlers that I really identified with and followed was Diamond Dallas Page (DDP). I can recall his WWE days, with the gimmick of "Positively Page", around that time he started promoting YRG, which later became DDP Yoga. I watched the success stories from DDP's own testimonial, to Arthur Jake Roberts, and later Chris Jericho.  DDP Yoga is something that I always thought about doing, but I didn't ever believe that Yoga would be the kind of workout that I would ever be doing.  


Since my teenage years, I loved lifting weights.  I had the mindset of to be in shape I had to lift weights, and take a ton of supplements.   Ever since High School, I had a history of back problems. I was never flexible nor able to touch my toes.  I always joked with others that I had the flexibility of John Wayne.  Since 2011, I had to see a chiropractor for neck pain, and back pain.  Years of working infront of the computer I developed chronic neck pain, and still had nagging back pain.  In 2012, I left my full-time job to become self-employed. I started eating more and moving less. My weight ballooned to 250 pounds.   Before starting DDP Yoga, I had a routine of taking several pain relievers a day, and using various muscle creams. I always moved very slow, and was not athletic. I felt that my pain was part of getting old and I would simply have to deal with the pain.  I was 32, but felt 52 years old with the amount of pain that I was in.  I hardly walked at all. Although, I would still go to the gym, lift weights and not see results.  In 2013, I experienced a very painful back injury simply by trying to unbotton my shirt, that same day my back went out through trying to bend over and pick something out of the floor. The pain was immense, it hurt to stand, sit, or do anything. My friend had to bring a cane to my house, so I could move around. I did not have insurance.  I visited my chiropractor for back treatments. 


I was not able to rehab the injury.  In late August of 2014, I decided to make several life changes. I started to watch what I ate through dieting. I decided I was going to walk several miles a day.  Walking was very painful with my knees, back, and neck aching.  In October 2014, I decided to see what DDP Yoga could do for my pain.  I can recall my first several days of working out, my knees ached, my back was stiff, and I was unable to touch my toes. Touching my toes was something I've never been able to do in my life. But something miraculous started to happen, in less than a week I started seeing results. Within several months, I was able to not only touch my toes, but place my hands on the floor. I have lost nearly 55 pounds through DDP Yoga. I have went from a size 38 jeans to size 33, from XXL large shirts, to large shirts, and fairly close to wearing medium sized shirts. I never thought I would look like I did in High School, but I am fairly close to that. I am in the best shape of my life. I do not have any gym memberships. I do not take any weight lifting supplements. This is a completely different route than ever anticipated.  I feel better than what I did in my early 20's. My friends always joke that they believe I secretly work for DDP Yoga, because I'm always recommending the product with such passion. I have referred over 10+ people to the program.  I'm from a small coal mining town in the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest Virginia, one of my missions is to get my family members to use the program. My Dad is a Coal Miner, my Mom a Beautician and brother a Corrections officer. All experience back pain, and joint pain. Yoga is not something that is very common in my area. I hope to see that change in the future! Going forward, DDP Yoga is something that I use nearly 5 days a week. If I don't, some of the old pains and discomfort starts to return. The program has been fantastic to open the doors for other fitness levels and challenges. DDP Yoga is not just a workout, but it's a lifestyle. It's a way of thinking and living.


It's Anti-Aging at it's finest. I'm a firm believer if anyone uses the program and see's the quick results. They will be addicted.   I firmly believe that DDP Yoga is something that anyone of any fitness level should be using. This is Anti-Aging at it's finest. I hope to one day see athletes, and sports programs using this program.  I'm doing things now, that I never thought I would be able to.  I have not visited the chiropractor since using DDP Yoga. You're one of my true inspirations with your positivity and how you motivate others. I have watched the Jake Roberts documentary twice, and reviewed it on Netflix. I laughed, and I cried. I cannot say enough about how you've changed my life. It's unbelievable. I'm a totally different person. Thank you! Thank you!

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