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Larry Angus jr


My name is Larry Angus Jr. I am 29 years old and I’m writing you about my DDP yoga story. I started DDP yoga last march when my wife Holly Angus purchased the dvds. At first I had zero interest in working out. The first night I chose to take a shower instead of doing the diamond dozen with my wife. I have never been an athletic guy when I was younger the only sport I played was bowling.  And I’ve always been a little on the heavier side but my weight spiraled out of control when I was dealing with alcoholism I would drink a 12 pack or a 5th of liquor a night no problem . It wasn’t until my 2nd daughter was born that I realized I needed to change fully and thank god for DDP yoga. Without it I don’t think I would be on the track I am on now. Alcoholism is definitely a struggle but instead of drinking I hit the mat almost every night. It has helped me get though the depression I felt after quitting drinking. I really don’t have an end goal I plan on continuing DDP yoga as long as possible. But I am down from 280 to 185 I went from a size 42 pants 3xl shirt now I am a size medium and size 32 pants. I have always had a no excuses kind of attitude so I really haven’t experienced any struggles yet unless you call my 2 year old daughter climbing on me when I’m doing the down dog. But I will say the biggest change has been my attitude not only at home but at work I am so much more confident and outgoing and I don’t know if it’s just the positive energy from yoga or the total lifestyle change. I was even recognized recently by my company for outstanding customer service. You can ask my wife I would have never taken so much pride in myself at work before when I was so down, but now I do I make sure my appearance is how the company wants it and I even go to a barber shop and get my hair cut professionally things I wouldn’t have cared to do prior to this change. People ask me how I changed my life and I always tell them to look up DDP yoga I wouldn’t have been able to come so far  without this program and I’m so grateful for it and the community of supportive people that come along with it.

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