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Marcel Dore


Name: Marcel Dore

Hometown: Guelph, Ontario

Starting Weight: 285 lbs

Age: 57

Health Conditions:
Diabetes, sciatica, sleep apnea

Started DDPY:
October 2013

Timeframe: 24 months

Weight Lost:
55 lbs

Eliminated diabetes medication, healed sciatica pain, reduced sleep apnea severity

I was at my heaviest in 2010-2011 weighing in at 285 lbs.

I started cycling and trying to eat better in 2012 when I found out our daughter was pregnant with our first grandchild.

After losing weight with cycling, my chronic back pain began to get worse to the point where I had severe sciatica in addition to diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea.

I started DDP Yoga in October 2013 and became a lot more serious in October 2014, starting the Certification program.

I became a certified instructor in July 2015.

Since then, I have taught almost 400 hours of Level 1, have about 200 people registered for my classes every week and I teach 4 classes per week.

Through healthy eating, cycling, walking, hiking and DDP YOGA, I have no further need for any medications, my blood sugars are normal and my sciatica is gone. I still remain with some sleep apnea for now.

I have maintained my weight +/- 5 lbs since May 2015.

Over the age of 50, and a grandfather, I am fitter now than any time in the past 20 years, despite significant degenerative disc disease of the back, herniated discs, sciatica and a torn knee meniscus, diabetes and hypertension.


Marcel is a DDPY Certified Level 1 Instructor who offers classes several times a week. Learn more at

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