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Jamie Curd

Name: Jamie Curd

Hometown: Trowbridge, United Kingdom

Starting Weight: 260 lbs

Age: 36

Started DDPY: 2013

Weight Lost: 85 lbs

Timeframe: 2 years

Improved knee strength and cardio health, started running marathons

I began DDP Yoga around five years ago, after seeing the Arthur viral video and then seeing the resurrection of a childhood favorite wrestler Jake "The Snake" Roberts - which was what sold the program to me as I myself was a recovering alcoholic in search of a way to rebuild and repair my out of shape body and regain a level of fitness that I hadn't seen for many years. The gym wasn't working out for me and my hopes were higher than my abilities at the time, and injuries were frequent. DDPY allowed me to do engaging and interesting workouts at a manageable pace and build up my strength and mobility from a basic level.

Between 2013 and 2015 I enjoyed a weight loss of around 85lbs total and began to use my accomplishments with DDPY and put them towards other goals, such as returning to the gym and running. In the last several years I've been able to go from running my first 5k to 10k to half marathon races, and in 2017 I took part in both the London and New York Marathons, thanks in large part to DDPY. I have also begun the DDPY Level One Certification program and have a regular practice class running locally so that I can pass this gift on to others who might need and benefit from it as I have.


Jamie is on his way to becoming a Level 1 Certified Instructor, you can learn more about his training business NCR Fitness at

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